Tips & Tricks For An Artsy Makeover

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If you’re thinking of giving a makeover to your home, this is the right place to be. With so many extended horizons in all fields, the Home decor has gained so much recognition in recent times. It has become an identification and face of the people living in the house. This is because it defines how you like to live, how much warmth you provide to the guests and most importantly, your understanding of art and homely aesthetics. It’s high time to inculcate a lot of things in our homes and get rid of the old lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account and buy expensive things. Simple a dash of personal touch and some fruitful ideas will be enough to give a makeover to your house within no time.
With these pretty tips and tricks, your entire space will freshen up, become trendy and polished. Read on to add them to your homes now!

Spice up your entrance

The first thing that comes to notice when somebody arrives at your place is the entrance. You must be thinking it’s just a porch with a door but there’s more to it. The entrance of any house can give an idea of how the entire house would be like. You want everyone to love your space so start doing it right from the door. Pick some lush plants and flowers in fancy pots to be displayed just outside the door. Hang a welcoming quote on the sidewall. On the inside, place an antique table or console with a big mirror displayed on top or a nice artsy frame. You can also lean multiple photo frames on the console table in odd sizes to catch attention. This looks very attractive and immediately gathers praises!

Colorblock your wall

Don’t have time to renovate the entire house? No worries, because we have the perfect DIY at the rescue. If you’re tired of seeing that blank wall that doesn’t suit the aesthetics of your beautiful house, just paint it any color you want! Yes, color blocking a wall is a statement technique to make the house look raw and artistic. You can simply paint the wall half in any color you want and then hang different frames or place flower vase in front of it in contrast colors. The trick is to opt neutral or contrast tones to create division. This is a very unique style statement and never fails to attract eyes.

Add Statement Art

Something that never goes out of style is a display of statement art on the wall. It is called a statement because it is absolutely timeless and one of the most classic pieces ever. Adding an artistic frame to a simple white wall can do magic in a couple of seconds. It doesn’t call for much effort but gives tenfold results. Simply choose an oversized artwork of a famous or local artist. It can be anything-photography or people, historic buildings or just splash of colors. Such paintings are usually abstract and look very attractive. They add a very colorful vibe to your house and never fails to impress.

Choose Fancy Lighting

It would be wrong to underestimate the power of lighting in a house. It creates so much difference in the overall space and can instantly pump up the vibe of your house. For a nice makeover, it is important to discard the old-styles and opt for new ones. For instance, a pendant light or antique hangings are much more flattering and impressive than those streamlined table lamps. Fancy lighting focuses on the key areas which in-turn amp the look of the house. You can also pick graphic lamps that reflect the art carved on them when light passes through them. They look pretty funky too.

Rearrange the Furniture

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of funds on buying new furniture for a stylish makeover. Just think out of the box and do what comes to your mind. Symmetry is a thing of the past and now is the time to create contrast and zig-zag appearance. Get rid of the old technique of arranging your chairs and couches in a line opposite to each other. Put your center table in the corner and place a nice piece of art or frames on it and a pendant light hanging on top. Rearrange your couch on either side and feel the vibe. You can even get rid of the sofa and get fancy rope chairs or pile up some cushions for comfortable seating. Sip your coffee or read a book in style!

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