Tips on how to choose the right curtains for your room

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Curtains or drapes are an essential part of any room. They tie the whole room together and make it look better not only in terms of privacy but in terms of aesthetic as well. They basically act as an accessory that helps in amping up the appearance of the room and adds an interesting element to space. The best thing about curtain is it comes in all different materials, colors, styles, patterns, etc. which further gives you so many options to choose from. With them being available in all sorts of forms, choosing amongst all the variants can get a little daunting. From solids colors to bold patterns, from sheer fabrics to heavy opaque materials, there are endless possibilities, but mind you, the curtain is that thing that holds the tendency to change the tone of the room. So keeping that in mind, a lot of consideration should be put into while purchasing them for your house so that they could make the best out of your room. We have listed a few tips for you that will help you in choosing the right curtains or drapes for your house.

Read on to know about them.


The most important thing to consider is the fabric of the curtain. Depending on how much natural light you want to allow in your space and what mood and vibe you want to create in the room, you can choose to pick a fabric that suits your needs and does the required job perfectly. Curtains come in a whole range of material, from sheer and lightweight fabric to brocade and heavy velvet, you can have plenty of options to choose from. Heavier fabrics tend to go well in traditional rooms, whereas light and sheer fabrics go well in minimalistic space.


Besides fabric, the color of the curtain also plays an important role in deciding the vibe of the room. Whether looking for light pastel shades or some really bold, bright, and dark colors, you can have plenty of options to choose from. However, when it comes to deciding a curtain for a well-furnished room, the color of the curtains should be in sync with the rest of the belongings in the room. You can either choose to harmonize with the ongoing theme of the room, or you can choose to add a contrasting effect. Another great way is to opt for a shade that will perfectly complement the color of your walls.


The length of your curtains also helps in changing the appearance of your room not only in terms of aesthetic but also to make the room appear bigger or smaller. You can choose to give them the length of your choice. Some of the most common ways of hanging the curtains are: hang them in a way so that the curtains fall exactly at the floor level, this way of hanging is quite in vogue; another way is to allow the drapes of curtain to puddle on floor by keeping them a few inches longer, and the last but not least is to hang the curtain a few inches above the floor, this will come really handy if you have kids at home; this hanging style can be incorporated to your window stills.

Accessories and trims

Do you know your drapes can also be dressed up or dressed down? Don’t believe us? Well, we aren’t kidding at all. There’s a very smart and effective way of doing your drapes in chic and trendy ways. Adding some trims and accessories to the drapes is a great way to make them appear very rich and grand. From pulls backs to ornaments attached to the drape, you can easily dress them up with these little things. Valance is another great accessory that can help you to elevate the look of your curtains and also serves as a great decorative piece.

Pattern or solids

Here comes the most difficult part. Choosing between prints patterns and solid colors can make the buying process a little difficult for you. And no matter what style you are opting for, both the styles look equally amazing and stylish. Depending on the furnishing pieces present in the room, you can pick the right style of curtains. For instance, printed curtains tend to go really well with solid colored furnishing pieces and vice versa. You can pick any print you like, geometry pattern and floral prints are quite in fashion, so you can’t go wrong with these two.

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