Inspirational Ideas to upgrade your fireplace

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A fireplace adds a vintage touch to our home but we have always underestimated it for its charm. It has the potential to upgrade every space and thus, must be decorated with warm aesthetics. Here are some inspirational ideas to add life to your house and your fireplace so that you have one more corner to hang out in. Check out these gorgeous ideas and decorate your fireplace right away.

Shelve books

A fireplace is the fanciest place in every living room but it also underestimated for its power. If you look at it, it has a lot of charm and elegance. Remembering the bygone days, this was actually one of the most important areas in every house. This fireplace area was a great place to sit down in the cold winter days and chill with a brew in your hand. Today also it is used during the winter season although the utility has lessened a bit. The best thing you can do to amp this fireplace is to add books on top of it. The empty podium like space on the fireplace must be designed in a cute way to attract attention and build the place beautifully. These books must be shelved in a zig-zag design or casually to showcase cute aesthetics. You can add interesting paperbacks and magazines too. This one will definitely be one of the best ideas for your living space.

Place Long Houseplants

Placing long houseplants next to the fireplace is a great way to highlight this space. If you look at it, it gives a natural touch to your house and also brings in warm aesthetics. There are so many ways in which you can give a makeover to your fireplace and this one is the best. It requires zero effort but the result is ten-fold. Whenever you place greenery inside the house, it is bound to look pretty. Therefore, you must bring in some long houseplants and place them next to the fireplace in order to add some personal touch. This natural touch will grab attention for sure and will create a long-lasting impression on everyone. Prefer flowers too if you like colors!

Lean a mirror on top

Another great thing that you can do to add life to this spot in your house is to add a mirror on top of the fireplace. Usually, mirrors are considered only for utility purposes but little does everyone know that they create a huge impact as a decor item too. If you mount multiple mirrors together on a wall, they look super gorgeous. So, here we are talking about placing a mirror or multiple mirrors on the top wall of the fireplace. This aesthetic will impress everyone who enters your home. With a mirror, you can set the perfect contrast in the room. You can either mount in on the wall with a nail or simply lean it against the wall. Everything works!

Oversized artwork

Any kind of artwork takes our heart away every time we look at it. If you are all praises for artwork then this is a must-have in your home. It doesn’t matter if you are placing it in the dining area or the living room or near the fireplace. Any kind of artwork is bound to impress everyone and upgrade your space in nearly no time! Any kind of abstract artwork has the potential to add life to your space and make the area look creative and pretty. You can pick anything oversized and add it to the top wall of your fireplace. This can be in bright colors or abstract prints or anything renowned. Have it as a part of your decor aesthetics and wait for its magic to happen.

Display Flower Vase

Talking about antiques and valuables, the first thing that comes to your mind is flower vase because everyone has plenty of them. The number of flower vase we have in our home are enough to add vibrancy to your space. Use a mix of vintage and modish materials when it comes to flower vase-like metal material or stone vase. Add some pretty seasonal flowers to brighten up this space. Place the brightest colors in full view for this fireplace and you can also mix a variety of flowers to showcase creativity. If you are up for adding some natural beauty to your house, then there is no turning back. This will be the best idea for revamping your fireplace space.

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