Stylish Planters for a touch of greenery in your house

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All of us want our house to look the most vibrant one and for that, we try to inculcate different decor ideas. This is the most significant part of our lifestyle because the way we build our surroundings speaks a lot about us. Therefore, you should try to add some natural elements to your space. These natural elements of greenery in fresh planters are definitely one of the most amazing styles to decorate your house. Pick them in the following designs and impress everyone with your home decor.

Light Planters

One of the best ways to add greenery to your space is to pick a planter with a light on top of it. This light planter can turn out to be a decorative item for your house and can also be a stylish way to revamp your boring ceiling. Although it is not necessary to hang them, it is always a good idea to instill new looks in the house. A green planter with lights is the best way to show that you have put some effort into decorating the interior of your house. Moreover, this light planter can upgrade the look of your space during the night time. You can place them indoor as well as outdoor and turn them on during the night. This will look extravagant and also add illumination.

Wall-mounted Planters

Wall-mounted planters are the best way to make your house look like a greenhouse. This style of wall-mounted greenery pots is actually quite common but it looks flattering every time it is seen in the house. If you are short of room on the ground, wall planters are a great way to utilize wall space and add life to them. They will instantly make a room more visually exciting and will grab everyone’s attention. This style is definitely worth the try and thus you should pick fancy planters and pots for your wall. Different kinds and shapes of wall planters made of metal, brass, wood, etc. make great choices for indoor planters. You can even paint them in bright colors for a customized look.

Hanging planters

As the name suggests, these planters can be hanged anywhere in the house or near the porch or even in your kitchen area. Hanging planters are literally the most beautiful type of planters for the sole reason that they don’t take too much space and also make the ceiling worth seeing. Just like wall planters, if you have restricted floor space, then hanging planters are the perfect way to add greenery to any room. You can pick them in intricate designs and even handmade artwork for the most gorgeous styles. For a more artistic feel, pick them in stone designs or DIY one according to the theme of your walls. Hang string lights for the perfect look.

Balcony planters

Balcony planters are all those vases that can be hanged on the railing or on the balcony. This planter is definitely one of the most gorgeous styles to add greenery to your space. It looks gorgeous because you can pick it in fancy styles and hang them all together to create a row of planters. Such planters look great when placed in multiple numbers. This is definitely a great way to decorate your balcony railing in the most perfect way possible. Rows after rows of green planters in the balcony can make it look different from the rest of the houses. You can grow all sorts of flowers and even herbs in these balcony planters and thus, add a quirky vibe to your space.

Vertical wall planters

Vertical wall planters are just another way to add oomph to the look of your house. These planters can be placed on any wall of the house-indoor and outdoor. The thing with this vertical planter is that it has utility as well as style to it. With so many options to choose from, we consider this one the best because it has an aesthetic vibe to it. It has become popular for all the right reasons. Providing the same visual impact that real plants would, this one has made its way through the most loved greenery styles ever. Whether you pick it in a horizontal or vertical style, each one of it looks gorgeous.

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