Mattress Firm Top 5 Pillows For Side Sleepers

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If you are a side sleeper then you must know you need your pillow to be loftier for the side sleep. It’s not difficult to find a side pillow but then again things depend on the ways you sleep. Even side sleepers have different patterns of sleeping. Some of us have mixed sleeping patterns like sometimes we think of lying on our back, sometimes stomach and obviously the side. Thus, we have some combo pillow to help you enjoy a perfect sleep and some are just for the side purpose. So here is the first pillow for you.


Chill Hybrid

This is a pure care pillow which happens to be called chill hybrid as it has a rapid cooling effect. If you are a hot body person then, your body will be relieving sweat during your sleep making your pillow wet. This cooling effect of chill hybrid will let you have a relaxed carefree sleep, without any interruption. The volume and firmness of this pillow provide adequate support to your head, avoiding pressure on your shoulders. Thus, you can buy this pillow if your body and sleeping posture is similar.


Breathe Max Side Pillow

This pillow has a good width to support your head and built that cushiony layer around providing a huggy feel. So if you like to have a huggy pillow this option is for you. These pillows are equipped with hypoallergenic foam which fights against the bacteria and keeps your pillow healthy for long. You can wash it washer which has ample space for it to move. The pillow cover that comes along with it can be washed easily in cold water. This pillow is the perfect cushion on both ends, so move on the right side or left side you will get a perfectly balanced body.


Pure Cure Replenish Pillow

This pillow is ideal for both the hot body and the normal body. The reversible pillow has one side cooling effect and the other side is for the normal body temperature people. It’s a straight pillow, so if you like a side poses than this is your pillow. The cooling fragments start to work as soon as they feel a change in the temperature. If we talk about normal polyesters then this pillow has 5 times better cooling effect than a polyester pillow. Unlike some pillows, these covers have the cooling effects engraved deep in the fiber so it doesn’t come off while you wash it off. The technology used to create the pillow for us is undoubtedly optimal, as it gives a nice support to head and maintain a healthy posture of your body.


Purple Pillow

Purple pillows have their own unique technology; they have grid-shaped foam, which makes them so comforting. Mattress and a pillow have the perfect volume and comfort around the areas required. This pillow is again versatile. So if you often flip here and there on the bed while you are asleep, this pillow will give you perfect support in every posture. If you like to sleep on your right side then, you can get the volume along the side which will bend a little providing comfort to the head. If we talk about sleeping on the back, then this pillow has a compact firmness keeping you head to your chest level the same while laying no pressure on spin.

Lux Living Natural

Detergent wash, 100% natural lux pillow cover is best for any bachelor. This pillow care requires less care. You can wash it in cold water in a machine using a mild washing powder or liquid. The pillow doesn’t come with a pillow cover; however, the shape of the pillow is like a normal pillow which makes it easy for you to locate the cover. It’s organic as the filling is done with cotton, which grows in the field and no animal is harmed during the process. Thus, grab one for yourself if you are a nature lover.

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