Make your home colorful with these fancy plants

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When it comes to having plants in your house, you always imagine them in a beautiful garden or backyard. But this is not the case always. You can even aesthetically design your indoor place by incorporating charming plants into it. Exotic houseplants that blossom into colorful flowers will look superb and brighten up your space like never before. But you must know that there is a big difference to keep a plant alive and getting it to flower. So need not worry as some plants we have listed for you will be already be flowered when you buy them. Others may be easy to get to the flowering stage and once you learn the basics, you can expect regular blooms.


These super incredible plants are the most popular among houseplants all over the world. Most of the time you would find that these plants are bought during the Christmas season. And the variety that is usually bought at this time is in red color. But in recent years, pink and white varieties of these beautiful flowers have been introduced by the growers, making them worth buying throughout the year. When you pay them proper attention, you would find that the actual flowers on them are quite insignificant, in fact, the big red bracts around the flowers are liked by most of the people. You have to take care of them nicely f you want to make them bloom every coming year.


You would often find flowered begonias as the plants that are kept outdoors. But at the same time, you must also know that they have all the required characteristics that make them super- awesome indoor plants. Their biggest advantage is that they are undemanding, free-flowering and quite tough. You can simply plant them in a pot and they will give a nice yield in the upcoming season. There are many varieties of begonia available, you just have to figure out which would be the one that will suit your particular conditions.


You may not have expected these plants to come up on this list but there is a reason that we have mentioned it here. The reason is quite simple, these nice-looking plants are easy to grow and they get to bloom easily with a cluster of upright and small flowers. Although available in a vast variety, the most popular one is K.blossfeldiana that generally blooms in the spring season. This particular variety needs bright light and adequate water. As they are one of the succulent plants, they need all the conditions that a succulent generally needs for its growth.


These are the plants that bear great endurance in the tropics. Available in an array of stunning colors and in varied forms of single and double, they are quite popular when it comes to indoor plants. Now some hybrid varieties of the plants have also been introduced that feature multiflowered flowers. But you must know that these beautiful flowers cannot be the one for you if you are a beginner as it is quite difficult to keep them alive and make them bloom. They need lots of light, humidity, warmth and are prone to a variety of bugs. But if you get to grow them there is nothing like the sight of a hibiscus plant in any temperate home.

Desert Cacti

Have you ever seen a desert in full bloom? If you have not, then you certainly might not know that desert cacti feature some of the most beautiful flowers you would have ever witnessed. There are available in different varieties and you can easily make them bloom in an average household. Just give them a lot of sunlight and wait for the summer or spring season to watch them bloom.

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