Fabulous window treatment ideas to modify your space

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Window treatments can work wonder for your rooms as long as it’s done the right way. They literally hold the power to make or break any space and make the room appear more defined and distinct. However, the importance of giving your windows a proper treatment is often overlooked. What we don’t realize is that these tiny things or changes are what makes any room feel complete, fancy, modern or whatever your idea of home decor style is. Window coverings are not only extremely functional for privacy as well as some other reasons, but they also look decorative and add certain appeal and interest to the room. Or you can also strike a balance between the two by investing in window coverings that are not only functional but decorative as well and can be managed depending on the amount of natural light you want to allow into the room. There are so many fabulous ways of giving your rooms a window treatment, from full and flowing drapes to classic curtains or shades, all the ideas are impressive enough to inspire a better view at home. We have laid a list of 5 best window treatment ideas for you that surely will transform your room like nothing else.

Sheer white curtains

Curtains are always one of the best ways to treat your windows with especially when you are lacking on windows in the room. In this particular case, sheer white curtains can be your safest bet as it will help in reflecting maximum light in the room. It will also help in keeping the room from feeling too closed off or compact. You can go for floor-length curtains that go all the way up to the ceiling to create a maximum impact.

Rattan blinds

If you are not into curtains but still want to cover your windows for privacy or whatever reason then you should look no further than rattan blinds. They strike a perfect balance between giving you privacy as well as letting a decent amount of light pass into the room. These blinds look really striking which also helps in adding visual interest to the space. They can be best incorporated into a tiny bathroom which is in need of some privacy. And the best thing about it is that the blinds blend perfectly with other materials and prints, so mixing and matching won’t be a problem.

Multihued curtains

For that dramatic and colorful look, there can be no better option than multihued curtains. Such curtains not only look very stylish but also help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room by making things look more playful and vibrant. You can add it to the window of your bedroom right beside your reading nook for that cool and cozy feeling. These colorful and loose curtains feel both modern and laidback and to amp up the look of it even more, you can add a playful swing chair for that fun factor.

Classic shades

Nothing looks more classic than white shades. They are the easiest way of covering your windows that offer both privacy and a sufficient amount of light to make the room feel bright and airy. These classic white shades easily dress down the more glamorous items or elements of the room which can make the space appear very dull and plain. All they need is a fresh coat of paint and they will feel new again.

Bright and cheerful curtains

A pop of bright and cheerful color in the room in a form of curtain can easily work up your space in an amazing way. These curtains work amazingly well when you are dealing with a dark room as it helps in softening the style and make the space feel more airy and refreshing. You can match your curtains with your lamp or other accent to make things look more cohesive and well put together.

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