Give your home a bohemian touch

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People who are into unconventional and artistic living easily find some ways to incorporate its touch into their lives be it in a form of fashion or interior designing. And we are talking about the very famous bohemian style, which highly speaks of rich colors, diverse patterns, and vintage style. There are many elements that illustrate bohemian vibes and can be easily used as a décor piece. From vintage furniture to vibrant colors, there are many ways to bring in the boho vibe to your house.

To give you some inspiration, we have rounded up a list of some easy ways to give your home a touch of bohemian and eclectic vibes.


Bohemian décor doesn’t come with a prescribed color palette. However, it is known for its rich color theme that includes hues of burgundy, pink, yellow, purple and many more. Adding bold colors to the décor serves as a great way to achieve a bohemian look. you can incorporate these colors into different fabrics like throw pillows, bed sheets, drapes, and even your furniture pieces with vibrant upholstery. You can also paint your walls in bold colors or simply add a bold and pretty wallpaper to the accent wall.

You can add a few colorful accessories to complete the room and make it appear more appealing to the eyes.


Mixing different patterns and fabrics is another great way to create a bohemian look. use fabric of different patterns and textures in the form of drapes, pillow covers, throw pillow or any other item. All the vibrant patterns and texture instantly adds more character to the room. Layering different fabrics is one of the most quintessential way of bringing in the bohemian vibe. Some materials like silk and chenille can be used for fabrics which you can combine with natural basic material. The fabric should not look very shiny instead should feel a little worn out but not damaged. Some other pieces like crochet, fringe can also be incorporated to the décor pieces.


If you already are a proud owner of some vintage furniture then you are sorted and if not you will have to search for new vintage furniture or you will have to purchase some second-hand pieces to add to your home. As they are not quite easily available in the stores. Choose different pieces from thrift stores, antique markets. They don’t have to be of the same designs or styles, pick eclectic and vintage-inspired styles. Such furniture pieces give a very casual and lived in feel to the person. You can also color paint them to add give them a modern touch.


Accessories serve as a great way to accentuate the way anything looks. From chunky gold-framed mirrors to beautiful heirlooms, they make for a perfect décor piece. Decorate every corner of your house with these beautiful pieces, which can also include handmade items different objects from your travel like tapestries, maps, bottles, etc.

You can also use a beautiful patterned rug like zebra print one to anchor the space.


Nothing can spruce up the space like some green lush plants. They instantly add wanderlust, free-spirited feeling to the space. You can opt for vines, succulents and other indoor plants to add to your space. They feel very eclectic and enchanting that gives visual treat to the eyes. You can place them in metallic pots or planters to give it a little aesthetic and sophisticated touch.

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