Tricks to bring your Bathroom back to life

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A bathroom is that space in the house that is often neglected of any sort of decoration or furnishing. Just like any other space, the bathroom also calls for nice interior designing and all the amazing furnishing. Over time with persistent use of the bathroom, it tends to get all dull and boring. However, adding a new décor stuff can instantly make the change and can literally bring the space back to life.

From changing the shower curtain to adding some décor stuff, you can easily change the way your bathroom looks.

1. Add some plants

Adding plants to any space is a great way to bring it back to life. They instantly brighten up the space due to their bright texture and colors. There are many good things about having an indoor plant inside your house. They are known to help in air purifying and also helps in relieving stress. There are a lot of varieties you can choose from. However, there are certain plants that can thrive the best in bathroom’s humid condition.

2. Change the hardware

Persistent usage of the bathroom over the years can result in many things turning old or oxidized. No matter how fine your purchases were, with time some hardware pieces like faucets, knobs, pulls, towel bars, etc. tend to lose their shine and appeal. It is one of the main causes of your bathroom looking all dull and boring. Replacing them with fresh new pieces is one great way to spruce up the space. From black and white to gold and silver, there are many options to choose from. Pick a style and color that go with the theme of the bathroom and you are good to go.

3. Add wallpaper to the wall

Who said wallpapers are only meant for the walls in the living room or bedroom, you can easily do the same with your bathroom too. Painting the walls may take a lot of time while adding wallpaper is far easier to achieve by yourself. All you will need is a wallpaper of your choice and some tools to do the job. With that, make sure that the wallpaper is water-resistant or else your time and money may go to vain.

If you don’t want to add wallpaper to the entire walls of the bathroom then adding it to an accent wall will also do the job. You can use a removable wallpaper if you want it to be done for a short time.

4. Change the shower curtain

Believe us or not, the way your shower curtain looks can greatly influence the way your bathroom appears. If you still have that old shabby fabric hanging on your shower rod for ages then my dear friend it’s time you get rid of it asap. Replace your shower curtain with a brand new piece that you can choose from the many available materials, designs, styles and, colors, that is completely up to you. There are also some graphic shower curtains that come with fun quotes, you can opt for them if you are looking to add some quirkiness to your bathroom.

5. Spruce up the mirror

Is that old mirror of yours still hanging on the walls of your bathroom? If yes, it’s time to tell him goodbye. You can simply replace it with a beautiful framed mirror. They have this amazing ability to add more character and depth to the way any space looks. Opt for large mirrors if you are dealing with small bathroom space as they give an illusion of extra spacing. If your mirror is in a good condition then it’s time for you to get creative and spruce it up using a DIY frame. It is one fun way to add a personal touch to the space.

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