Don’t Overlook the Most Important Spot in Your Homes

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In-home décor, make sure to use every inch of home space possible so that you get the maximum advantage and try to re-combine multiple structures.

There are some common spaces in the house where we are more than often overlooked. It is important to get creative with all the doorways and pass-throughs within the apartment.

Adding a little bit of detail to the doorway or opening is an ideal way of working. Given below are some of my favorite techniques

Either paint, install molding, or incorporate greenery, you can’t go wrong with these stylish ideas


Incorporating a Mural 

It is one of those ideas so that it becomes a part of the doorway too. The marigold masterpieces were displayed at one of the exhibitions where an individual showed how a splash of color can change the whole game.

The bold, blobby shape and ever-new honey-colored hue can give a warm feeling.

Just stepping in will give you a breath of freshness.


Keep on painting

If you’re the one who likes asymmetrical houses and painting the walls, go ahead and simply coat the doorway and walls in the same hue, more famous in UK residential houses.

Choose some combining patterns of these 2 to make a stunning and bold statement.

Many people leave it plain white which majorly misses the point.


Add some foliage

Many people love decorating their homes with plants. If choosing greenery then choose and place it such as it adds freshness and warmth at the same time.

One other way is to create an arch around the doorway with a trailing plant to truly make the outdoor sparkle.

One individual did this perfectly and make a small café like the leafy back patio.

Small hooks and/or command strips are also the need of the hour to secure and lock all the vines in their places.


Combo with some stunning curtains

Curtains are the one underrated piece of home décor that most people miss thoroughly. Either someone keeps on using one curtain set forcefully with every possible room type or not using the proper length and thickness.

Curtains can make or break your home décor. One of the ways is to wallpaper around the doorway and hanging a pair of curtains which will serve as a room divider, as clearly seen in the Brooklyn Space

Another way is to choose between materials for curtains. Heavy embroidered curtains and make the room look dark and tight. Lighter curtains will allow for more ventilation, are more affordable, and passes off more light

“Megan Hopp chose velvet drapery that coordinates with her painting (and hid the mounting hardware on the other side of the opening), this setup feels like a very artful, intentional way of sectioning off her bedroom. Doorways don’t always need doors for privacy.”, says Apartment therapy


Add some molding

The addition of molding to the living space is mega-popular these days. The homeowners and renters seek to recreate the ostentatious beauty of classic European spaces.

If going with the DIY upgrade, avoid neglecting the doorway and the game is over. The doorway is rather the most important upgrade.

For the doorway, just trim the molding so that it fits perfectly above a small rectangular/arched doorway that flashes amazingly.

The result comes out chic.


Add storage to cover-up

Extra storage? Who doesn’t need extra storage?

A little extra storage is okay for everyone and especially if you’re doing a room within the home, take a cue from the space above and add some space above for bookshelves.

Yes, a bookshelf above your doorway! The results? Get a super cozy, library-like atmosphere, and additional space to display the huge book collection.

This can look incredible as well as worthful for many reasons. The overall shine of the room space remains conserved as well. Using every inch of the home space is an art very few people use to make their homes a better living place.

Don’t be one of them and use the often-ignored places in your home and decorate them for a much better-looking product

It is a 2-way process that goes both ways, which means overlooking certain home mistakes can lead your product to the same age-old bland-looking home.

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