Selecting the perfect curtains for your room

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We all love natural light cascading down in our rooms brightening everything it touches. Long wide windows help in making the room brighter and airier, however, this window can be of a disadvantage if not covered with curtains. Sunlight is extremely beautiful but can be a problem when you wish to sleep in the day, in a room without curtains. Therefore, curtains are more likely a requirement than a desire or just a piece of décor.

If you are looking for some curtains for your place and do not know what to do to get yourself the right curtain then look at the steps below and learn what should be done to get yourself the best curtain for your room. 


Length of the curtain

Length is an important factor that should be considered while choosing a curtain. Curtains come in different lengths and some are named depending on how much they cover the window, for example, tier curtains cover just some part of the window whereas a puddle curtain is a long curtain that even after hanging at a height, puddles on the floor. Before choosing a curtain always measure the length between the rod where you will hang the curtain and the end of the window or the floor or wherever you want the curtain to end. You can always alter a longer curtain so a bit longer one is not an issue but a shorter than required curtain might be a problem. 


Choosing the right fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your curtains can be a bit difficult as curtains come in a huge variety of fabrics like sheer curtains, cotton, or even velvet. Before selecting a curtain, see to it that which room is it for and how much light will pass through the particular fabric. Choose sheer fabric if you want a lot of light to pass through the curtain, a textured fabric if you feel like some moderate amount of light to be entering the room. There are even blackout curtains that restrict the sunlight to the max and keep the room dark.


Color Scheme

While choosing the curtain always keep in mind the color scheme of the entire room and select what color you are looking for. You can choose from plain single-colored curtains to textures and prints all depending on what look you are going after. If you want the curtains to stand out in the room, try to go for bold colors or patterns. You can use neutrals or light shades if the curtains are not the main focus in the room.


Sort out the hardware

After choosing the curtains, the final step is to hand them on the window. The hardware used can either elevate the whole décor or deprecate it. Therefore, selecting the hardware that goes best with the entire outlook of the room is very important. If you are going after a contemporary look then you might choose some polishes nickel or aluminum hardware whereas if you are going after a traditional look, you might need some bronze or brass rods to hang the curtains on. Select a curtain rod after measuring the required length and the one that can firmly support the curtains. You should get the curtain holders of the same material so as to make the whole look tidy and to make it look pulled together. 


Other options

You can experiment with the look and use other options available to block the light such as some blinds or shades. If you already have some blinds and still want to decorate your space with some curtains then try using some light shades and elevate the look. 

Curtains are seen as an element of decoration whereas they are a big necessity and should be treated as one. People tend to get any curtain as it can still block the light but they forget that a curtain adds volume to the space and uplift the room. You can make your room look good with the right curtains. Proceed with your curtain selection following the step given above and get yourself the curtain that will make the whole room look splendid and just the way you want. 

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