Different types of stone fire pits you can install outdoors

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Fire pits are an incredible décor element for outdoor space. Not only do they make the place warm and comfortable but also make a small hangout area for you to hang out with your friends and family. You can install a custom-made pit for your family and friends and can relax, enjoy and host parties and enjoy the warmth of the fire in chilly weather. You can install one in your yard or your deck or near the pool etc.

Even if you want to install a fire pit in your outdoor space, the question arises what kind of fire pit would you like to install. There are so many different types of fire pits you can choose and select from. You can give the list below a few minutes of yours and get an idea about different kinds of fire pits.


Desert styled low fire pit

This style of fire pits is common in an area with a yard. This type of fire pit depicts the fire pits made in deserts. Large stones surround the area and the fire is lit in the middle of the arrangements. This pit is usually low with just one or two layers of stones surrounding it. You can use wood or some other method to light the fire in between the stones. Place some cushions or chairs and enjoy the evening. If you have a large lawn with grass all over the lawn then this kind of stone fire pit would be perfect for the setting.


Rectangular fire pit

This is more of the traditional fire pit with the only difference being the design of the pit. Instead of the circular arrangements of stones, this pit is made in a rectangular shape. You can arrange small stones for the pit or can use one huge block of stone for one side and make a unique firepit made out of just four blocks of stones. You can use all different types of stone such as ashlar, cut stone, fieldstone, and many more. Create a cozy vibe around the fire pit using sofas and other furniture.


Firepit near the water

Fire and water, what a great combination. If you have a pool at your home and want to decorate it with something then a fire pit can be a great option for it. Enjoy the poolside and play around with water and when you are resting you can enjoy the warmth from the fire pit. These pits are usually made up of stone and can be of any shape and size. You can install it wherever you want near the pool.


Firepit for family

Usually, fire pits are small and compact for people to sit around and enjoy. You can make the fire pit however and wherever you want. Similarly, you can choose the size of the pit as well. you can create a family fire pit that is large enough for the family to sit around comfortably and enjoy together. You can create a large fire pit and surround it with couches and sofas and if possible, make a small snack area where you can store some snacks you can enjoy while being there.


Glass fire pit

As the name says this is not a pit made up of glass. The pit is made up of stones. The glass here is used as a filler in the fire pit or the fireplace. Mostly this type of firepit uses natural gas rather than wood or charcoal thus making it a little bit less polluting and producing less waste. You can get all the different colors of the glass in consideration of the rest of the décor. It is only used for decoration and the glass does not burn.

These are a few of the fire pits you can install outdoors. You can create it as a peaceful, relaxing hangout space and can enjoy nature with the warmth of the fire near you. This is perfect for hanging out in cold weather. You can host parties around the fire pit where everyone enjoys the time spent together. You can make your fire pit with your creativity and some inspiration from the available fire pits. Make your fire pit and furnish the area around it with chairs and sofas and other furniture.

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