The Mediterranean way you can style your house

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As the name suggests, this style is maned after the Mediterranean Sea. This style is inspired by the coastal regions, Greek islands, Italy and Morocco. This style is all about colors, wooden works, beautiful tiles, shades of blues, everything in the room giving a Mediterranean vibe. You can be away from the coast and still feel like being there with the help of some interior décor.

Are you interested in this style and this way of decorating the house? Are you a beach lover and wish to have an essence of it wherever you live? If so then give a look at the list below and decorate your place according to the list to get a Mediterranean vibe at home and feel close to the islands and coasts.


Use the shades of sea

This style is all about beaches, coastal areas, islands, the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, shades of the sea have to be the most important part of this style. The most important color in this palette is the shades of blue. All different shades of blue are used in the interior of the room. You can choose from shades like pastel blue, turquoise, cobalt blue, navy, and many more. Furniture, beddings, curtains, and even walls can be of this color. This palette makes the room feel breezy and cool and makes it seem like you are near the ocean or beach.


Natural lighting

This style is all about nature and cool vibes. Natural lighting is a must-have in a house designed in this style. Large windows allow a large amount of natural light to enter the room. This will make the room look airy and spacious. If you do not have large windows then do not worry. All you need to do is keep the décor minimum so that the room does not feel compact and cluttered but still feels spacious and airy.


Maximal approach

Mediterranean style has a lot of maximal approaches to it. From beautiful vibrant tiles to ottomans and chairs and tables made of wood to all different vibrant accents and plants. All this makes the style highly maximal. This style uses a lot of large indoor plants and wooden furniture with bright-colored cushions and rugs. If you are a lover of maximal décor then this is the perfect style for you. This type of interior is usually seen in Morocco, Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries.


Tiles staircase

Colorful, bright tiles with extreme intricate patterns and designs are used in this style. If you cannot change the entire look of your house but still want to have some of the essences of this style, then all you need to do is get some patterned tiles and adorn your staircase with them. You can use different colors and patterns on a single staircase as well. This creates an alluring focus in your house. You can use all different types of tiles on different areas of the staircase. Make sure to place the tiles properly so as to not make them look tacky.


Lots of wood

Wooden work is a must in this style. From wooden arcs to beams, flooring, and furniture. Wood is an important part of the décor in this style. You can choose from all different kinds of wood and its colors according to your design. This style usually incorporates all shades of wood and its designs. Wooden accents are popular in the Mediterranean style as it reminds us about the beach houses and the nature around them.

The list above shows some of the ways you can decorate your home in the rich Mediterranean style. All you need is a little renovation and you can feel the aura and vibe of being near the sea. Look into the interiors of the house present in the Mediterranean countries and get inspiration from those interiors. You can go all maximalist on this style or can even go all minimal while designing the interior of your house. This style can be incorporated easily in both ways. Add all accents and make your place look breezy and homely. Enjoy decorating your house in Mediterranean style.a

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