Design a Gorgeous Living room with these Paint Ideas

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The living room of your space depicts your personality as it is a place where you invite all your family and friends. It sets the tone for the rest of your home decor. Make it aesthetically beautiful by experimenting with different color palettes, a variety of furniture and of course different layers of texture and patterns.

The paint of the room gives it an overall look and everything from decor to the style of furniture revolves around it. So we have given some nice tips to add colors to your living room in different ways-

  • Add an Accent wall

The most basic look of a living room has the same color painted on its four walls. This is the style that never goes out of trend. But if you want to give a style statement to the heart of your house and make its appearance unique and different, you can add an accent wall to your space. An accent wall is one of the outstanding paint ideas that will help you to create a focal point for the amazing artwork you want to hang or if you need to highlight any other architectural feature or frame. You can make it more eye-catchy by using stripes of different colors instead of adding a single color.

  • Paint the Floor

To open up more designing options for your space, you can consider adding paint to your floor. And if you have a concrete floor, coat it with ultra-shiny epoxy to have a glossy appearance for your room that reflects light into your space.

To create a simple, sleek yet modern look, a bold, solid color or bright white color would work best for you. Checkboard tiles that are typically painted in two different colors helps you to have a traditional design. To give a more subtle finish, stain your concrete floor in a way that imitates the look of quarried stone or marble. It gives a natural look.

  • Create a Custom Mural

One of the other interesting and creative ways to make your living room lively and colorful is to add your own custom mural. The mural should be such that it reflects your personality and gives a reflection of your family’s nature and character. There is no particular set of rules to design a mural, give it a monochromatic look or splash a rainbow of colors or just add a full-wall masterpiece. Anything will work. You can design it with the help of a professional or on your own, it totally depends upon you.

  • Create contrast with the ceiling

When you are designing your living space, ceiling is the part that grabs the least of your attention. But you can create a dynamic look for your space if you give a thought on it. You can create a visual interesting contrast with your walls by adding a splash of color overhead. Pick a neutral color to have a subtle appearance and a bold one for giving a bright look to your space.

And if you have a room with a low ceiling and want to make it appear larger than it actually is, the best way to do it by selecting a cool shade like blue or lilac. It will definitely fulfill your purpose.

  • Create Texture

Make your room more interesting, creative and artistic by customizing any of the above ideas with textured paint treatments. Textured walls and ceilings add that instant luxurious feel to your living space if you don’t overdo it. Just limit it to your accent wall or adding a neutral color would also be fine. To create a look with more than one color, you can use various techniques like rag rolling, stippling, and marbling or maybe faux painting.

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