Inspirational decor ideas for your exquisite Living room

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The space of your house that truly reflects your personality is your living room. It is the place where your family and friends all come together. So it deserves that special effort and attention to give it a cozy and welcoming vibe. As it is the first room you see when you enter your house, the decor of the place sets up the tone for your whole space.

So when it comes to remodeling the place and make it look bigger than its actual size, there are many ways to execute it and that too in a budget-friendly way. Check out some of them below-

  • Focus on the Floor

Flooring creates the highest impact on the appearance of your living space. So when it comes to upgrading the floor to make the living room more spacious, keep it in tandem with the rest of the flooring of your house. It will give it an airy and flowy feel. Use wood or carpet as the flooring material to give it a classic traditional look.

Moreover, try to use sofas and cabinets that have legs to visually expand the place as by doing it the floor won’t fade under the furniture.

  • Use the walls

A room is defined by its boundaries i.e. where the floor meets the walls. So when you plan to expand your space you certainly can’t do it without a construction crew. But you can intelligently use your mind and make some smart moves to do it by creating a visual effect. Use living room decor that emphasizes the wall height like hang floor-length curtains close to the ceiling to give the room a bigger appearance. You can also use tall bookshelves or install a crown molding to create a similar effect.

  • Add a focal point

The easiest and effective method to fulfill your above purpose by not making any major changes is to distract the people’s view from the size of the room. And you can do that perfectly by adding a centerpiece of attraction, basically by changing the focus of attention. It can be anything from a feature wall to a mantle, or a bold piece of furniture. Try to contrast with the walls while doing so, as it would be more eye-catchy. You can even add a contrasting accessory like a traditional piece or some modern art in opposite to the overall theme of the room.

  • Never forget the mirrors

Mirrors enhance the aesthetic beauty of every space and when it comes to making the appearance of a room larger, they are the perfect solution that comes in the first place to everyone’s mind. Try to use them in front of your most attractive decor such as flower vase or some art piece to reflect its beauty and make it more appealing. Pick a large framed mirror or a group of small mirrors to hang on the wall instead of adding a mirrored wall as it will create a boring retro look.

  • Arrange for traffic flow

Another thing to do to give a spacious look is by arranging everything properly. It is obvious that a place which looks and feels uncluttered makes room for everyone. Determine how one enters and how one leaves and put in order your furniture accordingly. It should not obstruct people’s paths and should give them enough space to perform the necessary tasks such as reaching for light switches or opening and closing window coverings.

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