Creative ways to give your kitchen a modern makeover

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Gone are the days when kitchens used to be boring and often used to look down upon in terms of decor. Today, with the ever-growing changes in the trends, keeping your house up to date with all the current styles has become the need for everyone. And as they all say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make it beautiful while we can. But when it comes to deciding on the perfect style or decor theme for the kitchen, it can get a little overwhelming and often confusing as well. But the decisions have to be made and to help you with that only; we would be happy to give you a few suggestions on how you can decorate your kitchen in some modern ways. A modern kitchen is something that can offer a sleek design, which never really happens to go out of style.

The new modern is something that involves a pop of color, funky light fixtures, and various other elements. We have listed a few creative ideas for you that will help you get started to transform your basic kitchen into a modern one.

Add a pop of color to the cabinets.

For a sleek and modern kitchen, there can be no better start to it than painting the cabinets of your kitchen in a bold and beautiful shade. This is probably the best way to make a statement and add a breath of fresh air as well as a sense of liveliness to the kitchen. You can further enhance the look of the kitchen by changing the hardware as well as the floating shelves. A vibrant blue shade will add a dash of color to your kitchen and make it look modern and sleek in the best possible way. Gold-colored hardware teamed up with floating wooden shelves will make for great pair with this bold shade.

Funky light fixtures

Light plays an important role in creating the perfect vibe and the mood in the house. It can act as a perfect way to add a punch of funkiness as well as a sense of style and modernity to the kitchen. And there can be no better choice than opting for funky light fixtures, which can act as a backdrop in a bright and modern space. By funky, it could mean anything, it can be a vibrant colored light fixture, or it can also be a differently shaped or something unconventional piece, the options are endless, it’s up to you what you will decide.

Keep a color scheme of black and white.

You can never really go wrong with a black and white-colored scheme kitchen, especially when you are trying to incorporate it into a contemporary kitchen space. It is the most refreshing way to add a modern touch to your kitchen without going overboard with the decor elements or without needing to sacrifice adding details to the kitchen to make it appear modern. This method is something that is very easy and doable and can be implemented excellently by painting the walls and the cabinets in black and white colors.

Make a statement with the ceiling.

Your kitchen doesn’t have to look plain and boring, with a dash of color to your ceiling; you can completely change the whole appearance of the kitchen. An all-white kitchen must be your thing, but it may not feel contemporary enough, and to fill that part painting the ceiling with some different shade will instantly add the needed punch to your kitchen and will also make it look aesthetically more pleasing. Slate gray or matte black color will look amazing in an all-white kitchen.

Add wicker stools

If we speak of trends, then wicker furniture pieces are one of the hottest trends of this year, and we cannot help but wonder if one of such pieces can be incorporated into the kitchen space? And the answer is a big yes, as long as you have chosen the right furniture for your kitchen. And there can be no better option than wicker stools that fits perfectly with the theme of the modern kitchen. The key to ace these wicker stools perfectly is by keeping things as simple and chic as possible.

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