Redo your home in these elegant ways

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Everyone dreams of having a home that is classy and has a high-end design and feel to it. But it may not be possible for each one of us to invest a large amount in doing so. So how is it possible to give your simple home that luxurious feel and that too on a budget? You would be astonished to know that some interior designers do have revealed some of their secrets, which can give you that high-end look. Simple solutions from adding a fresh coat of paint to hardwood floors and window treatments to adding pillows have worked in a great way for many homeowners. Below we have listed some of the top picks to make your home look elegant. Keep reading the space.

Lighting- It brings out the biggest change

Do you know how you can give your place an affluent look without making any major changes that would not require any kind of renovation stuff? It is the lighting. Make a statement by using designer light fixtures instead of using the standard ones like a chandelier to make the whole place look unique and exceptional. Now, if you are thinking it might cost you big bucks, you need not worry; what you need to do is to pick up the stuff from flea markets or some second-hand stores. I am sure the same products would give you that high-end look and that too at a budget-friendly price. Also, try to add distinct sources of light that would help you to have different looks at different times. Create an ambiance suited to different needs.

Pick Hardwood over Carpet

No doubt, carpet helps in giving your space a warm and a cozy feel, but if you want to add to the aesthetic factor and give your place a lush and an elegant look, you should opt for hardwood flooring. The gleaming hardwood floors give you a classic appearance that is durable and lasts a long time. They are a bit on the expensive side, but they guarantee a return on investment. Also, research on the benefits of different kinds of woods like birch, oak, cherry, and pick the one that best suits your space. You can also install laminate flooring, but make sure it is of the best quality.

Window Treatments

If you don’t have window treatments, then the whole look will appear to be dull, cheap, and boring. They not only add in the elegance factor but also helps you in giving the much-needed privacy. Make smart choices while choosing the materials for your windows. Avoid picking unlined flimsy materials as they look terribly cheap. Though they are the cheapest option I would recommend you not to have the see-through materials. Try to stick with elegant materials such as linen, natural silk, and cotton. A lot of chain stores offer these lined draperies at a reasonable price, but if they don’t suit your taste, you can even choose woven bamboo shades or wood blinds. Have a well-designed look to add to the aesthetic value of the place.

Add to the Comfort with Pillows

Pillows are an easy way to achieve the goal we are aiming for. They help you in giving that elegance punch for sure, but apart from that, it adds an extra layer of comfort for you and your guests in your home. You just have to pick the right ones, and that’s all. I would recommend you to have large-sized, soft pillows that would create a very plush appearance. Avoid having throw pillows in the standard sizes. And when we talk about the pillow inserts, down-filled should be your go-to way.

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