Clever ways to fake high ceiling in your home

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There’s something about high ceilings that can instantly make any house appear more luxurious and breezy. But sadly, not every house or apartment comes with such high ceilings. Nevertheless, achieving those high ceilings for your house is not as difficult as it may sound. In fact, it is quite easy to achieve with a handful of tricks rolled up your sleeves. Creating an illusion is the best way of presenting things as per your choice and preference. And those illusions can easily be created with a few decorations and design ideas. All you need is some creativity and genius mind, and there can be nothing that can stop you from achieving your desired space. With the use of some tips and tricks, you can achieve those high ceiling in no time. We have formed a guide for you where we will be telling you about how to fake high ceilings in your house using some clever tips and tricks. Keep on reading to know about them.

Use low furniture pieces.

The most useful and effective way to make your room appear taller is by placing low furniture pieces. The height of your furniture and the height of your room are indirectly related to each other, basically, the lower the height of your furniture the taller your room will appear, and that is because the space present between the two i.e., Furniture and the ceiling will have a maximizing effect on the height of the room. Low furniture pieces will also be of great use if you have got a stunning outdoor view as high furniture can easily hinder the outside view from the room. So it’s always best to opt for low lying furniture pieces.

Do your walls in vertical stripes.

This is no secret that vertical stripes are one great way to help in maximizing the length. Vertical stripes help in creating an illusion of an elongated frame and make things look taller. The same technique can be applied to the walls of your room. Painting the walls in vertical stripes will help in making the room look taller and the ceiling higher. You can never go wrong with this one trick, as it has always proved to be a smart and effective solution.

Add a pop of color to the ceiling.

We all know how the color of the paint greatly influences the appearance of the room, and the same thing can be said about the ceiling. Painting them with light and bright colors helps in creating an illusion of a high ceiling. Painting the ceiling can also help in making the room feel larger and airy, which is another great advantage. Some shades of white, yellow, blues, and purples will be an excellent choice for you to consider. Matte black will also be a great option if you want to hide vents or electrical tubing present on the ceilings.

Get creative with crown molding.

Getting a little creative with crown molding is one great way to add an exciting element to space as well as to make the ceilings appear higher than they originally are. Choose an easy-going crown and place it an inch lower from your ceiling. Now the next step is to paint the crown molding in the same color as that of your ceiling to keep the flow of color, which further will have an elongating effect to the room. And if you choose to paint the crown and the ceiling in two different colors, know that breaking up the color scheme will create a shortening effect and will produce the opposite result of what you are trying to achieve.

Curtains are important

Curtains play an important role in elongating the height of the room. And the trick to get it right in low ceiling rooms is pretty much easy and doable. Hang the curtain panels just a few inches below the ceiling and not above the window frame. Doing so will draw the attention upwards towards the ceiling, making space appear taller. As far as curtains are concerned, opting for patterned textiles will prove to be a smart choice as they will draw the attention upwards.

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