Tips on how to make a cozy bed for yourself everyday

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Your bed should be sleep-ready when you come to your home after a tiresome day. If you are one of those persons who have a messed-up bed when you wake up in the morning, then make sure you make it tip-top before you leave your home. We have given some tips you can follow to refresh your bed every morning and fall into luxury every night.

1. Begin with a bare Mattress

When you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you see is your bed covered with crushed clothes, rumpled sheets, and covers. Before you start tucking in corners and soothing out wrinkles to clear up the mess, you should begin by removing all dressings from the mattress. It may include blankets, sheets, covers, pillows, and various other things you keep haywire on your bed. Place them somewhere like on a nearby chair or sofa. It will provide you with a clean base to start preparing for making up your bed.

Also, try to remove the duvet or any decorative pillows or blankets before you go to sleep every night to save your time in the morning.

2. Place a Mattress Pad to create a comfortable base

Choose the right size mattress pad for your mattress. A standard pad comes with elastic edges so that it could easily stretch over each corner of the mattress. Make sure that the ends of the pad hug the bottom of it, and all edges get completely covered. Watch out if the pad covers each corner or not and if it creates a smooth, tight surface for the mattress. In case it does not, consider the size of the pad according to the size of the mattress again.

If you don’t want to add on this extra step to your daily routine, you can likewise create a smooth base for your sheets and duvet by opting for a mattress with a built-in plush pillow top.

3. Add a Crisp Sheet

In a similar way, you choose the mattress pad by identifying elastic edges; likewise, pick the most fitted sheet for your bed. Give a luxurious feel to your bed by picking a crisp, fresh bedsheet as it will act as the outermost layer between you and your bed. Stretch it tight across the entire mattress to give it a clean and elegant look.

If using a loose sheet instead of an elastic one, make sure you pull each of its edges nicely and firmly under the body of the mattress for a wrinkle-free appearance.

4. Do layering with a loose sheet on top

Follow this step by using a loose sheet between you and your duvet to keep your duvet fresh for a longer period of time. Lay a loose, airy sheet over your base sheet after you are done with the previous steps. Let it fall nicely on the center of the mattress with its edges draped neatly around the sides of the bed. Keep one or two extra sets of sheets to change them every couple of weeks.

5. Style with a Duvet

Now we have almost come to the last part of our bed preparation. It is probably everyone’s favorite thing to choose a soft, puffy, colorful duvet. Align the center of the duvet with the center of the mattress with the loose sheet in between. Tuck the edges of the duvet and the loose sheet under the mattress to have a sleek look. In case you want to have a cozier feel, leave them out. You can layer up your duvet with a comforter or a bedspread to add to the elevation, enhancing the overall look.

6. Throw on some Pillows

Make your bed warmer, cozier, and comfortable by throwing in some soft pillows. Play with some colors to add to the depth and make it look stylish.

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