Barbiecore Inspired Design for Your Home

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The Barbiecore aesthetic is taking over the internet by storm. From college going students to celebrities everyone is going crazy over the Barbiecore aesthetic.  We all remember playing with Barbie in our childhood and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when you talk about Barbie is the color pink. The color pink is the main element of the Barbiecore aesthetic. Many fast fashion brands released their own Barbiecore aesthetic collection in honor of the release of the Barbie movie which gave rise to this kind of aesthetic. With the excitement of the new Barbie movie releasing this Barbiecore aesthetic is rising and is everywhere, even in home décor. Let’s discuss further how you can achieve this latest Barbiecore aesthetic in your home.

Pink is the New Color for Your Home

1. Pink is essential

Pink is essential

Pink color is the main element of the Barbiecore aesthetic. Use as much pink color as you can in your home. along with pink, you can also use the color white and light sky blue to add a pop of color but your main focus should be on the color pink. There are many shades of the pink color and you can use anyone that you like. Your entire home should not look like a kids’ room but more like a Barbie house, so choose the shade of pink with care. You can add pink to your home through other things like furniture, show pieces and much more. You don’t need to repaint your entire house for a Barbiecore aesthetic.

2. Furniture


The furniture of any room takes up the most place in the room. Always make sure that the color of furniture that you have in your room is complementing the theme of the room. Here your theme is Barbiecore so the color of your furniture should either be pink or it should either be something which goes well with pink color. Think sleek, curved silhouettes, lucite or acrylic materials, and tufted upholstery. A plush, pink velvet sofa can become the focal point of your living room, while a playful, mid-century-inspired dining set elevates the atmosphere of your dining area.

3. Change your curtains

Change your curtains

Changing the color of your curtains to pink will also make a big difference as curtains reflect light. Pink curtains will reflect a little bit of pink light into your room which will complement your Barbiecore décor. If you don’t have pink walls then pink curtains can be used to add a pop color to your room. Therefore, changing the curtains of your room can play a big role in this process of achieving Barbiecore.

4. Keeping Barbiecore Chic and Not Childish

Keeping Barbiecore Chic and Not Childish

Barbiecore aesthetic of your home should not look childish. Plan everything accordingly so everything complements each other. Always remember that Barbiecore does not mean that everything should be of pink color. You can also mix and match different colors to create a perfect place that is not so over the top. The Barbiecore aesthetic of your home should promote calmness and style. Choose furniture that is modern and sophisticated to have a timeless and elegant place.

5. Colorful Splash of Pink

Colorful Splash of Pink

Add Pink color décor items in the room. It could be anything from a floor rug to a pink wall frame. These items will complement your place even more. In the bedroom, opt for a tufted headboard, luxurious bedding, and a glamorous vanity area. In the kitchen, add retro-inspired appliances, playful dishware, and colorful curtains. For the bathroom, accessorize with pastel-colored towels, patterned shower curtains, and chic storage space.

6. Dress up the walls

Dress up the walls

The walls for a Barbiecore aesthetic room should have a touch of pink to them. If your walls are white then add decorative items of pink color on the wall of your room. If you don’t want to do that then you can either paint your walls or put wallpaper on the walls of your home. The wallpaper can have your chosen color pattern on it to promote your Barbiecore aesthetic. Otherwise put up a piece inspired by Barbie’s aesthetic to add playfulness.

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Embracing the Barbie Core aesthetic in your home allows you to infuse your living spaces with a delightful blend of playful elegance. By carefully curating the color palette, furniture, accessories, and personal touches, you can create a haven that evokes the timeless glamour of Barbie’s world. So, let your inner interior designer shine and embark on a journey of transforming your home into a captivating and stylish abode that reflects the essence of Barbie Core.

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