Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Bedroom

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Curtains are the stirring souls of any room. They give a fuller demeanor to our bedrooms besides locking out much of the scorching sunlight and also allowing some when we want to. But it is wrong to picture them only with the windows when we know well that they are beautifully crafted in many different cloth materials. Curtains can be included in a variety of spaces like the entrance of any room or a closet, separating dry and wet areas of the bathroom or across the hallway along with windchimes! There are indeed numerous ways to beautify your home, isn’t it? Here we talk about choosing the right curtains for your bedroom based on specific ambiance. Check out!


  1. White Drapes

Voile the better! Silky, soft, and light in feel, these drapes are everyone’s go-to choice. They are easy to work with and easy to layer, allowing some blocking of the sun but fitting perfectly for the day, as the curtains still let the sun light up the bedroom. They are great for a minimalist, chic, greener bedroom atmosphere where a lot of things are not stuffed to allow more air and movement. It is the feel-good kind of drape that will surely lighten up any dull day.

White Drapes

  1. Pleated Dark Curtains

Variously pleated curtains add definition to any bedroom style and especially the dark voluminous ones that work wonderfully when the ambiance is richer, earthy-toned, or theatrical and packed. These types of curtains are precisely dedicated to making the big rooms appear bigger and small rooms smaller hence it is advised to not be used exclusively in a room but be paired with equally substantial furnishing.

Pleated Dark Curtains

  1. Sheer Ruffled

The most loved and unique type of curtains, they appear like frocks on the window! They are bursting at the seams and are effective in giving light yet heavying coverage wherever placed. The idea here is to include the ones made of sheer fabric to keep it lightweight and more movable instead of a heavy fabric that will snatch away its drift when it is windy. Work with soft colors and hang them in a buoyant fashion to deliver a cheerful and floaty vibrancy to your beloved bedroom. Ruffled pattern curtains can also differ in colors at every layer, creating a gradient of the color of your choice. Happy exploring!

Sheer Ruffled

  1. Designer Curtains

These curtains have more detailing as compared to others and come in a huge variety and are bulkier. They are best suited for the ultimate pomp and show. The lavish slant that these hold out to its customer comes from the profuse embellishments and laces that are entertained here. So, while picking the right one for yourself, you might feel that you are under a lot of pressure! Plus, you are baffled by the options thus presented. Research well about the design, layering, and color schemes before buying.

Designer Curtains

  1. Patterned Curtains

Patterns are limitless so is our imagination. But here, we are specifically talking about the curtains that have many holes in them (no, no rats chewed them!) making a pattern that will eventually create an artificial Tyndall effect when the sun reaches your windows. The curtains chosen in this case are darker so the patterns become easily visible. In addition to achieving this effect simply, there is a more complex and creative approach to this – layer a lighter shade curtain beneath so the patterns that come out are mixed with yellow natural light, giving out a third color! The idea functions well in a theatrical setup or bedroom at night.

Patterned Curtains

Washing and drying them can be a business of days but you can worry little if you clean your space regularly, if not frequently. Also, the task becomes easier when enough perspective was put in while selecting the right fabric for your curtains as lighter ones are easier to handle and a simple machine wash is enough for them. Heavier ones, on the other hand, are difficult to even lift out of the bucket (my hands!). But don’t we love how curtains instantly beautify our little spaces (keeping aside the little struggles)?

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