Spots people usually miss while cleaning the house

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Cleaning the house should be a period thing and you should never procrastinate tidying up your place. It is important to clean and keep the place tidy and to keep it dirt and dust-free. You feel like you have cleaned every nook and corner of the house but there can be some places that need more thorough cleaning than you think or some places that you might have missed while cleaning. Sometimes people just forget the clean certain spots in the house and that can become the spot for dust accumulation. You need to be thorough when you are cleaning your place.


There are some places and some things that are not cleaned or that are forgotten when people clean their house. Here are some of those things or places that need to be cleaned.

  1. Ceiling fans

One of the common things people forget to clean is the ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are used to provide some cool air on a hot summer day. If the ceiling fan is clean then it can provide you with clean and dust-free air but if the ceiling fan has dirt or dust accumulated on them then it might make the whole area a bit dirty by providing the room with dusty air. You should clean your ceiling fans once in a while when you see that it is getting some dust on them. You can just swipe a cleaning rug on it to make it neat and clean.

  1. Carpets

Carpets make the room look beautiful and cozy. You can use some pretty printed and vibrant colored carpets to add some new colors to the room. These carpets come in several styles, materials, and patterns. They add a new element to the room and elevate the look of the room. The cons of having a carpet are that they require proper cleaning and maintenance. They collect the germs and stains and different kinds of dirt and dust from your shoes. You need to clean them thoroughly. You can use some steam cleaning to clean these carpets at your place.

  1. Sponges and cleaning towels

It is not just the things and the furniture that needs cleaning, you also need to keep the cleaning stuff germ-free. You need to keep the stuff you use for cleaning such as cleaning towels, sponges, brushes, and other stuff clean and free from any kind of bacteria or germs. You should clean them after you are done with the cleaning of the place. You should wash the towels and sponges with clean water and should even use disinfectant while cleaning the house as well as while cleaning the towels and sponges.

  1. Outdoor deck

Not only the indoors but the outdoor of your house too need your attention. They too need to be maintained properly and to be cleaned at a regular interval of time. They need to be cleaned more often as the outside area is prone to dust and dirt more than the indoors. You need to clean the outer area of the house too. You can just clean it to remove the leaves, dust, and dirt or you can schedule a proper deep cleaning once in a while.

  1. Air filters

How can you receive fresh air if you do not get your air filters clean periodically? You need to make sure the air conditioner filter and the humidifier’s filter and if you have an air purifier then that filter, you need to clean them as well. This is a must thing to do so that you get fresh and pleasant air. Also, the clogged filters will take more energy to operate and will thus consume more power. Make sure to clean them so that you can get germ-free, fresh air.


These are some of the places and some of the things in the house that need a thorough cleaning. You need to remember that every nook and corner of your house and everything in the house needs to be cleaned no matter how small that thing is. Dirt and dust get accumulated on any surface and to make the house look neat and tidy you need to clean the place periodically. Plan your cleaning days and make your house look cozy, comfortable, and tidy.

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