Shake up your home decor with these smart moves

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You know what is the best part about home makeovers, you can easily maneuver them without adding extra costs. It works like magic when you do some little changes here and there. It can be anything from changing your furniture arrangement to adding removable decals to your walls or bathroom dresser. They can make even a place that is years old look clean and refreshing. You don’t need to make some high-end changes like updating it with brand new furniture or invest in some big project. The home decor ideas we are going to provide you will help you revive your place by performing easy tasks.

Spruce up your furniture

If you want to do some stuff to change your furniture without investing a hefty amount to update the whole lot, we have the right idea for you. Need not worry if you are thinking that we are asking you to pick up your paintbrush. We are not. Facelift your furniture by adding stick-on decals and a removable wallpaper to its background. You even make customized decals by getting it designed online. DIY your decals by adding a pop of pattern with the help of removable wallpaper.

Replace the Hardware

Do you what is the best way to make your old furniture look like a brand new one? Just change its hardware and replace it with the current trending styles. Isn’t it a smart move? Of course, it is. This super-interesting trick would work well for your kitchen cabinet handles, interior doorknobs, and even dresser drawer pull. Just examine your current hardware and replace it with new picks but in the same style. We are asking you to do so because you won’t have to drill new holes if you replace it with the same style. Like, replace knobs with knobs rather than handles.

Add some lighting

You can’t deny the fact that lighting can create a huge effect on the overall look of a room. It is very easy to change the feel and vibe of the place by making the right kind of setup with the help of lighting. We are not asking you to buy a new lamp or some other lighting fixture. Just install a dimmer that would let you change the brightness according to the different activities you perform. Set the lighting to the appropriate level for watching tv, sleeping or reading. You can even have a lamp dimmer for your floor lamp that its next to your reading chair or for your bedside sconce.

Rethink the Arrangement 

The above ideas that we have discussed involve some kind of additions here and there. But if you are in a mood that you don’t want to get out of your house and buy something new to update it, then the best way is to shake up the current arrangement of your room furniture. If it is your bedroom, then change the placement of the bed in such a way that all the other things can be placed in tandem with it.

Move the Mirrors

Another one of those ideas where you don’t have to invest anything to update your home’s look. It might not sound appealing, but it is a must-try. You must agree that mirrors are a design tool that adds to the aesthetics of the place. They reflect the light from the lamps and the windows of your room. So if you have not placed it correctly, your place might look dull. Position your decorative mirror in a way that it bounces light into every corner making it look all more lively and brightened up. And in case you don’t have many mirrors, try picking it up from the thrift stores.

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