Redo your laundry room with these decor ideas

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Nowadays, people have started dedicating a separate space for the laundry room in their houses. The first question that comes to a person’s mind is, what could be the best place to add it? It is mostly decided on the basis of convenience. It is often kept close to the place where you keep your dirty clothes like near the back door, in the kitchen, bathroom, or closet area.
Another thing that might create confusion can be the various flooring options. As accidental flooding could happen anytime in the room, you should opt for waterproof flooring. It becomes all more important if your laundry room is located on the second floor. You can do so by building out a shallow pan for the machine to sit on or by adding a plastic sheeting on the floor. Even tile or vinyl flooring can be a good choice that might work for you.
The next thing you should take care of is the noise created by the machine’s vibrations. The rooms should be fitted with vibration pads that could help you in solving this problem of yours.
Use some creativity and aforementioned ideas to make your laundry room upgraded and organized.

Use a vibrant color

Add a bright and cheerful element to your space by adding a fresh coat of vibrant color paint. Pick a color that uplifts the overall vibe of the place and makes it feel fresh. Popular paint colors you can consider can be in vibrant citrus tones like lime green, yellow or orange. You can also go for the classic white color that gives a clean and elegant look to your place. Also, paint the laundry room cabinets along with the walls.

Built-in Cabinets

If you want a high-end and a customized laundry room for your house, then install cabinets around your washer. Buy cabinets that are not too heavy on the pocket and show your creative skills by painting it with bright colors or adding some cool wallpapers. It will help in creating a stylish space and will be functional at the same time.

Extra laundry Storage Ideas

If you feel like you are low on storage space and it is making your space look untidy, think of ideas to solve your problem. Add in wall cubicles, baskets, floating shelves to create a sorting system for your place. Have different laundry bins for white, light, and dark clothing. It will definitely save up your time and effort in the future.

Add Lighting

Good lighting is an essential element for your laundry room as mostly is it is given a place in the house that lacks natural lighting. Hang under-cabinet lighting or an overhead fixture to illuminate the space. It also helps to increase the functionality as you would be able to spot the stains easily on your laundry items. Enlighten it by using a combination of lighting such as canned ceiling lights, under cabinet lighting. Pendant lights might also look good. In short, ambient lighting can help you to change the whole vibe of the place without much effort.

Converted Closet Laundry Space

The most innovative idea you can use to create your laundry room can be to use any of the existing space of your house as one. Convert a hall, home office or guest room closet into one and you are ready to go. Be sure that you don’t mess up and put up shelving to create enough storage space. Look out for door clearances to make it functional. Make sure you can shut the door when the laundry room is not in use.

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