Making Jewelry Organizers at Home

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Do you want to have your jewelry in a place where you can reach it quickly when getting ready and not in boxes or places in the closet or the drawers where you might have to take it out whenever you are getting ready? There are a variety of jewelry organizers that you can get for yourself that would help you with organizing the jewelry and keeping it near you on the vanity, near the mirror, on the closet door, and in all the other areas available. You can even use these organizers and install them yourself or can create some for yourself at home. These projects can be easily done and allow you to be creative and make an organizer set for your jewelry.


1: Mirror Wall Cabinet

You can create a cabinet next to your vanity table that can be of multiple uses. You can use it as a cabinet with storage to keep all your necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, and other things, and can then attach a cover to it that would have a mirror on it. This mirror cabinet would provide you with a multipurpose element in the room. One that can be used as storage and another as a vanity mirror, saving space and making the space look better.

Mirror Wall Cabinet

2: Clay Ring Trays

If you want to be more creative then you can go and get yourself some clay. There is clay that can be used to create things and baked so that it is hardened. You can create ring trays of different shapes such as fruits, pineapple, strawberries, and other animals, shells, and other things, and then can use that clay trays to put your daily rings in it you can use them whenever needed.

clay ring trays

3: Hooks on the Wall

If you want to have a space where you can keep all your chains and pendants without getting them tangled then you might need to use these small hooks. You can install these small hooks on the wall next to the vanity and use them as an area where you can hang your jewelry not only chains and pendants but other things such as some earrings can also be kept there. This will help you in keeping stuff organized and within reach.

Hooks on the Wall

4: Mesh Earring Stand

You can get a mesh stand or make one at your place that would keep all the earrings in one place. There are times when you would find one earring but would not be able to find the other one which would make it difficult to make the look right without the right jewelry. Thus to make it easy to look for earrings you can get some mesh that can be framed and create a stand. Place it on your vanity and keep all your favorite earrings on that stand.

Mesh Earring Stand

5: Printers’ Tray

Printers tray stands can be utilized in this manner. This tray has a lot of small drawers in it that can keep a thing or two in it and thus can be used here for your jewelry. You can take a printer’s tray and use it as a decoration in the room that can keep all your jewelry in place. Having so many little compartments give space for different jewelry stored without getting tangled. You can either place it in the drawer or can install it on the wall which can then help you keep all the things near the mirror and also on display.

printer's tray

These self-organized jewelry organizers help you create the perfect organizer for your jewelry. For example, if you like to wear rings a lot and change them according to your clothes and style then you would want to have a ring box on your vanity, but if you want to change earrings every day then you would want to have your favorites near you all the time that can be done with the mesh organizer. This way you can create the right kind of organizer that would help you keep all the jewelry you usually use on the vanity near you, which in turn would help you in getting ready and also elevating the look of the room.

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