How To Turn Up Your Home Walls During The Lockdown

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Want to utilize the time in turning up your home walls? Well, then, we have a compilation of some easy ideas that you can try to restyle your walls and add a wow factor to your home.

When you’re looking for a major change in your space, uplifting your walls is the simplest and instant makeover for your house. We have some ideas that you can easily do at home and refurbish your walls. So, roll your sleeves up, and let’s get started!


Hang Your Pictures

There could be no other good wall decor than hanging your pictures.  A wall decor especially with pictures not only amps up your walls but also brings joy each time you’ll look at the wall.

This is the easiest and a small-budget makeover you can give your walls. So, dig out your favorite pictures and hang them on the wall in the way you want.  You can check out a few ideas listed below-

  • Fairy lights picture wall

Hanging your pictures with fairy lights gives a warm effect to your space.

  • Photo Collage

A very simple yet bold way is to simply stick photos to a colored paper and you’re done!


Paint Your Walls

Tired of the existing colors of your walls? It’s time you can paint your walls on your own. Take out the old paint colors from your storeroom and let’s brighten up your space.

Use any bright color hue to add life to your dull and boring walls and you’ll see how fresh your space looks.

While we’re stuck at home, it’s our chance to unfold our creative side and turn our home walls into a canvas. But, if you don’t have much knowledge of painting or don’t have the right tools you can skip this step.


Try Some DIY Wall Hangings

These simple DIY wall-hanging ideas spruce up your walls and freshen up space. We have a few DIY wall hanging ideas you can try out-

  • Heart Shape Wall Hanging
  1. Draw two hearts on a cardboard and cut them out.
  2. Now roll wool threads over the drawn shape.
  3. Repeat the same on the other heart shape as well.
  4. Attach both the heart together leaving some distance with a colorful ribbon and hang it onto your walls
  5. You can also paste pictures in between the heart to make it appear as a DIY photo frame.
  • A Collage Of Old Windows
  1. Take out a few old windows and paint them in whatever color pattern you want.
  2. You can also add mirrors to the sides or any other decorative item you want to add. This will elevate the look of the windows.
  3. Hang the windows onto your walls and you’ll create a vintage vibe in your space.
  • Hang Crockery

Another DIY wall hanging you can make is by hanging your elegant crockery especially plates and you instantly raise the heat of your space.


Clean Your Walls

Not so fancy but simply cleaning your walls also infuses life to the dull and boring walls. Not only do the cleaned walls look appealing but also make the house look much more awaken. Since we have enough spare time we can make our home a better place simply by cleaning the walls.

  • The best way to clean your walls is to use warm water and add a few drops of liquid detergent.
  • Dip a cotton cloth into it and clean your walls.
  • Make sure you’re cleaning the walls gently and not going too harsh.

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