Get the right bunk bed for your kids room

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If you are thinking to buy a bunk bed your kids’ room and you are perplexed about what to choose from the variety of options available in the market, you need not worry. It often happens that you go to buy some piece of furniture and you are not aware of all the sizes and shapes it is available in. The same goes for the bunk bed. We have given the solution to your problem by comprehensively mentioning all the necessary details you need to buy a bunk bed for your child.

1. Bunk Bed Size

Consider the age and height of your child before deciding on the right size of the bunk bed for your space. Do not forget to take note of the height of the ceiling as well. Make sure it is high enough for the bunk bed you are thinking to buy for your space. To help you in this task, we have provided the standard bunk bed sizes

  • The Twin over Twin bunk bed: It is popular among twins as it has one twin bed on the bottom and another one on the top.
  • The Twin over Full bunk bed: It can work well for you if you have two children. Twin bed on the top with one Full bed on the bottom is perfect for sharing.
  • The Full over Full bunk bed: If you ample space in the room put up a bunk bed with one full on the bottom and full on the top.
  • The Twin Loft: It can be one of those smart ideas to maximize your storage space with a twin bed on the top and separate space for a desk or any other necessity at the bottom.

2. Bunk Bed material

Of course, you would want any piece of furniture you are investing in to be durable, efficient and that sustains for a long period of time. Generally, bunk beds are made of solid wood material that could be of any type including sturdy ponderosa pine, birch plywood or cedar. The weight of the bed may vary according to the style and the material used in the particular piece. Ensure before buying that the bed is Children’s Product Certified as it would guarantee that the quality of wood used is sturdy and meets the highest possible standards of safety for your child.

3. Bunk Bed Storage

Your bunk bed can serve you with various purposes if you choose a suitable design. Have extra storage space and make your place decluttered by picking bunk beds with desks, chests, and drawers. The one with the desk usually features a loft bunk design with a built-in desk. It may also include two desks with one on each side. As discussed above the loft bed design doesn’t have a bed at the bottom, instead, it has storage space with shelves and drawers. One of the coolest styles you can pick is the one with a stairway chest. The loft bed comes with a ladder that features pull-out drawers in between each step. I am sure this design would also be liked by your children.

4. Best Types of Bunk Bed

Some of the best types of beds along with their functions that have been in trend these days are aforementioned-

  • Loft Bed- This bed doesn’t feature a bottom bunk but obviously has a top bunk. Some variations also have a rollout bed mounter under the top one known by the name of caster beds.
  • Standard Bunk Bed- As the name says, it is the most basic design with one bed over the other making it a popular choice for small rooms.
  • Trundle Bunk Bed- It is a bed that features three beds with the third trundle under the bottom bunk that can be pulled out at any time as per convenience.

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