Feature a retro look with these furniture picks

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Many times when you are designing your new house or thinking to upgrade the interior of an existing one, you wish to do it in a particular theme. It can be anything from a modern classy look to a coastal appearance to the one with a retro touch to it. This time we are discussing the retro one to give your home a mid-century feel and what can be better than some nice piece of statement furniture to help you in this task. So here we are mentioning some of our best picks.

An Orange Sectional Sofa

It may seem weird when you hear about it at first place. But it will look spectacular when combined with the apt kind of color scheme and accessories. Give your home decor a retro touch with a bold statement piece of a sectional sofa. For the ultimate look, create a focal point for your room by incorporating your sectional in a monochromatic palette such as rustic brown, avocado green or bright orange. Give it a mid-century appeal making your place look standout at the time.

The Minimalist Pendant

When you think to change the feel of your place, can you think of any other better option than lighting? Of course not, the perfect kind of lighting can illuminate your place in any possible way you can think of. The same goes for the case when you need to style your place in a retro-ish way. It might be possible that your decor may be loud if you have a mid-century appearance for your home, but when it comes to lighting, it is as minimalistic as possible. Balance out the bold colors and unexpected flares with bare-bones lamps, chandeliers, and pendants. Make your place aesthetically beautiful with perfect ambient lighting.

The Wooden TV Stand

Another illuminating way to give your place a mid-century appeal is to incorporating something that suits the style in your living room. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about this space in your house? Entertainment! So incorporate something for your television as it is a critical part of mid-century interior design. Keep a minimalistic look by adding the classic wooden stand for your TV that is versatile enough to provide an eye-catching appeal.

The Sleek End Table

Even the smallest thing apart from other big things can become a highlight in your effort to have a retro look for your space. Each of the pieces of your house decor comes with its own exciting feature whether it is a sleek end table or a softy cozy rug. Do whatever you can to create that mid-century appeal. Keep in mind that to open up the option to choose between a range of designs try to keep the decor in bold colors and patterns. Try to choose such designs, textures, and colors that each of your pieces shines without clashing with the surrounding decor.

The Triangle Coffee Table

Following the mid-century rulebook, then you need to follow this norm to complete your look. The norm is to incorporate anything that is related to shapes and geometry. Whether it is your accent chair or a coffee table pick ones in variant shapes like octagon, squares or ovals. It can do wonders for plain spaces and that too without much effort. Add a defining statement piece like a triangular coffee table with tapered legs to make a contrast. Place your favorite books on it and you are ready to have nice fun evenings.

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