Elements  you can add to make the room look aesthetically pleasing

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Social media is a huge part of our lives now and everyone is on one or the other social media applications where you can connect to different people. With social media comes different trends and styles. One of the things that got famous on social media is the aesthetically pleasing decor. This kind of decor has a beautiful vibe to it and consists of some personal touches to the decor. If you love seeing these kinds of rooms and wish to get yourself and make your room like one of these then all you need are some elements that can make your room aesthetic.


Have a look at the things you can add to your room to make the room look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Fairy lights and LEDs

Fairy lights and LEDs are some of the beautiful elements that can make any room better. If you are looking fr something soft and warm that can make your room feel cozy and comfortable then you can get some fairy lights. If you feel like being a bit more fun and lively and want to have some new colors in the room then you can go for some remote-controlled LED lights. These lights give a soothing effect and can make you feel relaxed and calm. You can get some different kinds of fairy lights and decorate the room with them. Hand them over the bedboard or over the curtains or can stick the LED around the edges of the walls.

Plants and vines

These never go out of style and are present in every style and theme that you can select for your room. You can get some indoor plants and some vines that you can put around the bed or on the walls on curtains and decorate the area. Indoor plants bring some freshness and color to the area making the space look fresh and lively. Usually, the vines and garlands are made up of artificial materials. You can use them and drop them around your bed with some beautiful lighting.

Select a theme for the room

It is very important to know what theme are you going for before selecting what can be added to the room. You need to select a theme from different themes present for you. If you are looking for a soft and cute theme then you can opt for some soft girl or light academia theme or even cottagecore. For some dark themes, you can go for an edgy, grudge, or dark academia. Selecting a theme makes it easier for you to know and plan what things and elements will go in the room.

Mixing different patterns and textures

This kind of decor style where you need to make the room aesthetically pleasing has no rule book. You can mix different patterns and different textures to create cute decor. All that matters is that the place feels cozy and comfortable and it looks beautiful and organized. You can mix different textures such as fur, velvet, jute, rattan, and other materials that you can put in your room. Similarly, you can mix different patterns and create a beautiful room.

Wall collages

One of the common things in these aesthetically pleasing rooms is the use and utilization of walls. People decorate the walls and make them look beautiful. You can use different posters or photos and make a stunning wall collage that will create an amazing look of the room. You can adorn this wall with some fairy lights to complete the look. Usually, these kinds of walls are made behind the bed or if you have a lot of photos then you can use a free wall in the room and make a collage there.


Now you know different elements that you can use to make the room look stunning and beautiful. You need some of these elements to make the room aesthetically pleasing. You need to look for the theme you want to style your room in and then get all these elements in that color scheme or that theme. You can add some other elements that you like or that you have seen on social media and you want to introduce that in your room. You can mix different elements and make them work together in your room.

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