Decorations Tips For Renters To Make The Space Better

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If you are a renter and rent the place, that does not mean that you have to adjust to the decor provided and that you cannot make it feel like yours. This is the place that you would call home, and thus you must add some of your personal touches to the place. You cannot go around and change how the house is built or change major things, but you can add some of the smaller and simpler things in the space to make it feel like a home. You can also change the elements in the house and create a nice decor style that reflects your personality. Here is a list of some tips that you, as a renter, can use to make the space a lot better for yourself.

Decorations Tips For Renters:

1: Add removable wallpaper to the rooms

If you feel like the color of the room is not to your taste and you do not feel good with the paint around, then you can use some removable wallpaper. These wallpapers are easy to apply and remove, and you can use them to decorate your space. This makes it easy to enhance the space without changing things too much. Also, when you want to shift, you can just remove these papers and give the walls a touchup, and voila, they are back as they were.

2: Hang some mirrors on the walls

Mirrors can enhance any space. They make the area feel better and more spacious. There are several kinds of mirrors that you can use to enhance the space. You can use the one that you can hang on the wall or go with a full-body-length one and place it in your room. You can also go with a more temporary one with mirror stickers that you can place on the walls. These sticker tiles are cute.

3: Use removable countertop paper

One of the ways to enhance the look of the kitchen is by changing the counter and the cabinets. But as a person who rents a place, you cannot make such a huge change in the kitchen. Thus, there is an alternative option that you can use. One of them is removable countertop paper. This is waterproof paper that you can stick over the countertop to give it a new look. This comes in various colors and prints, such as marble, graphite, and others.

4: Change the light fixtures

You can add some new lights and make the area brighter and better. You can also change the existing lights and install new light fixtures that are stylish so that they not only provide you with a good amount of light but also provide you with nice decor. There are several ways you can add these new elements to the house. You can have some ceiling lights, lamp shades, reading lights, and so many more.

5: Decorate the balcony

The balcony is the place where you can rest, have a nice coffee, or sit and enjoy the weather. There is so much that you can do on a balcony, and thus it is important for you to decorate the area in a way that makes the balcony homey and nice. You can put some floor pillows and a small table on it. You can use string lights to decorate the area, and you can also use chairs or something else to decorate the available space. You can decorate the balcony as you wish, as long as you do not make any permanent or irreversible changes.


There are so many places in the house that you can enhance without breaking anything or making too much of a change. There is no need to go all out and make special efforts to change everything. You can get some DIY ideas and decorate the house with them. There are several DIY decor ideas that you can use to make beautiful interiors. Getting a place to rent does not mean you have to compromise and adjust to whatever the place provides. You cannot make major changes like building a wall or breaking one, but you can definitely make some minor and reversible changes to the place.

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