Create a Warm Bathroom Oasis

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Earlier bathrooms weren’t considered as a place to purify the human body. The invention of these places was for this purpose only, that people clean themselves before visit the religious place. There used to be a public bathroom and gradually converted into home bathrooms. The personal space for everyone to shower and maintain their hygiene. Slowly, slowly with the evolvement in lifestyle, the importance of these spaces grew the time spend here was considered luxurious. Well, that’s not the case every time; in the morning it is a place that every single family member uses in a hurry to leave for their workplace, but the evening showers and baths are luxurious where you seem to loosen up and forget about the worries. However, the bath isn’t enjoyable with the perfect interior and the light. Today we will discuss the interior and lights for the bathroom.


Create a waterfall

Showering under the waterfall has its own sense of relief, surrounded by the dense forest, having greenery all around us, and the refreshing water falling from the hills. Imagining this gives me a sense of relief what if you could create such an atmosphere around the home. Choose a light in the center of the shower. Add some earthly pattern tiles around. Adjust the shower inside the wall and not on the wall. The water coming straight from the wall give you the related feeling of having a shower in the tropical forests.


Wild wallpaper

Add the wild wallpaper to the bathroom; arrange the washbasin in a corner besides place the toilet seat. Now, place the mirror on top of the basin and add two lamps on the side. Just above the basin add a glass holder to keep the necessary items. Rather than choosing to paint the wall, add wallpaper to the wall. Choose a theme related to the forest look. Like bushes and flowers, dense tree wallpaper can be another pattern to apply. Now, to the walls add some painting or printed scenery or wild animals.


Honeycomb tiles

Cover the bathroom from the roof to the floor in this pattern. The honeycomb pattern is so fascinating to look at. The small pretty boxes linked which each other seems. There is a net that comes in this design, which could be used as shelves to keep bathroom items. You can arrange the room in a specific design as per your liking. The tiles in this pattern add brightness to the room. You can add light above the mirror and preferably add bright eye-friendly white light instead of yellow.


Spa Bathroom

The most important thing for this decor is artificial candlelight, which is easily traceable in nearby markets and even online.  If you get the real things then that’s the best substitute. Add some hanging lights to the bathroom probably yellow, except a few near the mirror could be white. Add some shelves in the corner, place some towels. Make sure to add an air diffuser. Adding the light behind the mirror is another option. Finally, add the other bathroom essentials. Instead of painting the wall, add some tiles to the wall.


Dreamy bathroom

I have saved the best for the last. The dreamy bathroom decor is such a beautiful bathroom but needs some extra space. If you have a mini space then don’t give up the idea read it and see if something could be arranged. Color the walls of the room blue not the sky blue but the deep sea blue. Before placing the bathing tub, create a transparent covering on the floor, and beneath that add some white sparkly lights. Finally, place the bathtub on that transparent sheet. Throw some pebbles around the tub and place the basin and toilet adjacent to the wall.

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