Ways you can design your house in a Gothic style

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Gothic style was a lot famous in the 12th and the 13th century and you can see the influence of this style in the architecture and designs of buildings built in that timeline. This was a famous style, especially in Europe. The architecture is all about glass windows and pointed arches and beautiful decorative elements, whereas gothic décor is a little bit different and due to the difference in the time period this design has now added some modern touch to it to suit the people of this contemporary world.

This design is a bit dramatic and has some bold aesthetic. So, let’s take a look at the elements needed to make the house look similar to this dramatic style.

Importance of color black

Gothic style has a lot of blacks. There is a lot of importance to black and bold colors that add to the dramatic aesthetic of this design. Whenever you hear about gothic décor the main element that must have come to your mind must be the color black. You can paint the furniture of your house in some bold or even black colors but make sure to not go overboard with the colors. Black looks extremely elegant when decorated in the right amount and with proper style and planning. You can also add some black decorative accents to the house if you do not wish to go overboard with the dark furniture.

Bold wallpapers

Gothic style has a lot of wallpapers in the interior. If you are looking to make a bold statement and make the house bold and dramatic then some dark wallpapers with patterns and textures will look the best on the walls of your house. If you are inclined toward this mystic and yet elegant décor style and want to decorate the place with this style then you can cover your walls with some beautiful wallpapers. Wallpapers are the best option to use when you are either living in a rental or are not sure what to use as they can be removed easily.

Candles all around the house

Candles are also an important part of gothic décor. Not only do they set the mood being all a bit dramatic and mystic they also provide an ample amount of warmth and light. Instead of going all chic and getting the same candles with pretty candlestands you can go a bit unique and get some different size and length candles that you can put together at corners of the centre of the room. Then lit the candles and see how beautiful they make the interior. the contrast of bold and dark colors to the brightness of candles makes it all beautiful and elegant.

Big windows and mirrors

As mentioned before, gothic architecture had long, big windows. Here we cannot convert the whole house into gothic architecture but can change some décor to make it look more gothic. Therefore, make sure to have large windows in the house. You can add some modern touch to it by making the frame thin and by using plain glass rather than the tinted ones that used to be used traditionally. You can put some mirrors in the house to make it all vibe gothic and dramatic. All you need to do is get some mirrors and put them in such a manner or design it in a way that is all makes the area look bold, dramatic, and elegant at the same time.

Dramatic lights and drapery

As said before, this style is all about being dramatic. How can one be more dramatic? By putting huge, dramatic drapery and lights. To stop the light from entering the room long and heavy draperies or curtains are used. This not only provides a blockage to the natural light but also creates a bold effect in the room. As for lights, to be a bit more dramatic you can use some chandeliers. You must have seen some in gothic buildings but here you can use some modern ones to make them suit the timeline.

Now you know how to style your house in a gothic design and make the interior of your house dramatic and bold. Do not worry as this bold design looks elegant and chic. This style makes the place look modern and yet at the same time has a touch of history to it. You can decorate your house in a historical gothic way or can make this style inspire you and add touches of this style into the modern décor of your house.

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