Ways to style Pampas Grass

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‘Cortaderia selloana’, commonly known as pampas grass is the new décor trend. This is that one décor element that goes well with any aesthetic and style say it be rustic or glam, contemporary or traditional. South American natives, this grass comes in a variety of neutral shades like whites and pinks. They get their fame because of their organic texture and timeless appeal. They add depth to a space and the color of this grass makes the whole interior stand out. 

If you have pampas grass or what to know how can you decorate one then look at the points mentioned to learn about the ways you can use pampas in your interior.



This grass is widely famous during the harvest season or the festive season. This grass is used as a décor element in the autumn season and is used along with dried leaves and pumpkins. You can decorate this grass with some white painted pumpkins if going for an all-neutral theme or can decorate it with the original orange pumpkins if going in for contrast. Put them in some pretty vintage containers and see how they elevate the whole look and creates a fall vibe around the place. They are a popular element of Halloween décor also.


Neutral décor

Earlier people were more inclined towards bright hues or patterns but now people are more into neutrals. White hues or light shades are famous when it comes to the overall theme. The Scandinavian-styled home is all about beige, white, and soft earthy tones. The pampas grass adds a touch of soft texture, creates an airy space, and incorporates well with the soft tones of the décor. 


Glamourous décor

This grass is a versatile element as it can not only be decorated in a light-themed décor but also a glamourous interior or even a dark interior. You can style it in many ways and it will every time enhance the look of the place. You can create a dramatic look by pairing it with a dark background which will then create a contrast that will be catchy and trendy. Just make sure to use the correct colors. You can also style this simple floaty grass with some bold patterns or some brass or copper elements and create a magical look. This grass can be easily used and styled in any sort of theme. 


Style it in unique vases

People buy unique, weirdly shaped, or even oversized vases time and again. These vases are of no use and are difficult to style and decorate. You can use pampas grass and style those big floaty dusty colored grass in these vases and elevate the whole look. Pampas grass can be styled easily as it can be paired with any aesthetic and theme. Use the vase that goes with the whole décor of the room and then style the pampas in it. You can place the vase in any room of the house say it be the living room, bedroom, or guestroom. This floaty grass provides an airy feel to the space.


DIY ideas to style pampas

Instead of buying or creating a new look just to style this grass, you can easily be a little bit creative and create your look with this grass. You can use this and put it in some transparent container full of stones or marble and place it by the window or table or entrance. You can make wreaths and decorate them on the entrance door. This will create a fall vibe and is perfect for autumn. Show your creativity and give your touch of charm to your entrance. You can style it on your mantel or even on your dining table. 

This grass is technically just some grass but who knew this would become that one element of décor that goes in and can be paired with any theme and style, like the neutrals or grandeur or even the millennials. These do not require much attention or care and thus are a simple yet grand décor element. They can be paired with different combinations and can create the effect you are looking for. So, do not wait much and get yourself these beautiful pampas grass and adorn your interior with them and elevate the whole space to the next level.

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