Ways to Decorate a Cute Kitchenette

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There are certain differences between a kitchen and a kitchenette. The kitchenette is a small kitchen that is usually joined to the living room or even if it is not, the kitchenette is smaller than a normal kitchen with only the necessary appliances in the area. You only have a shelf or two along with some cabinets, you might not have an oven in the kitchenette, and only a limited amount of counter space. You have limited space and you have to make use of the limited space available to you here. There are several ways you can decorate the little space available and make the most of it. You have to make the space feel cozy and spacious so that you can make meals comfortably and easily.

Decorating Ideas for a Cute Kitchenette

1: Open Shelves

When you have a small kitchen or kitchen, you should try to go for open shelves and not closed ones. These open shelves create a sense of open space and make the area feel spacious, providing you with a feeling that the kitchen is a bit bigger than it actually is. All you need to do is make sure that the things are put in a proper manner and that items are not cluttered around. You can also put some accessories on these shelves.

Open Shelves

2: Patterns in the Kitchen

To add some light and vibrance to the kitchen you can add some patterns. One of the easy ways to add these patterns is by using some beautiful tiles and installing them as the backsplash of the kitchen. Tiles protect the walls from stains from food and they are a lot easier to clean. They also add color to the place. You need to look for some patterned tiles that can be used to decorate the kitchen.

Patterns in the Kitchen

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3: Light Color Palette

As mentioned before kitchenettes are small kitchens that have very limited space. You need to decorate this limited space and make it work. It is important that you decorate it in such a manner that the space looks better and more spacious making it comfortable for you to cook meals here. You need to paint the kitchen with some light colors so that the area feels light and airy. These light colors make the space feel a lot better.

Light Color Palette

4: Vertical Space-Savvy

If your kitchenette has a little bit of vertical space available, try to use it. It is important to make use of all the space you can use. You can use the wall next or can use the sides of the cabinets. You can use the wall where there is no cabinet and so on. These spaces can be used to organize things and make the kitchen look tidy and nice. You can place your pots on these or can install a dish rack where you can keep all your utensils making the space look pleasant.

Vertical Space-Savvy

5: Multipurpose Furniture

You have a small kitchenette and even if it is small you need to have some furniture in this kitchen. You can keep some multipurpose furniture or something that can change its dimensions easily so that you can keep it near the kitchen and then can use it as a dining table. You need to use some nice and cute multipurpose furniture that you can use as a dining table and can use as either storage or can change into something small and be stored easily.

Multipurpose Furniture

You can also keep some appliances in the kitchen that might be of use and that can help you cook effortlessly in a manner that does not look messy. You need to be organized when it comes to a kitchenette. Things can get messy if you do not keep things organized. These kitchens have an open shelf system to make the area look more spacious and open and these shelves require a lot of maintenance such as regular cleaning and organizing. You need to keep the dust away from these shelves. There are so many ways you can create a cute kitchenette in your apartment and make the most of the space available to you.

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