Visualize the Neon Vibe Look for Your Bedroom

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Having some different sort of lighting effect in the room is what’s desired by a few of the people but it can be difficult to design a room in that manner. I mean there has to be tech involve to a certain extent but in the end, it should also feel like a bedroom. So if you are a tech lover and what to show some of the tech inspiration in your room with the help of neon vibes here is where you need to stop. This can be a really cool arrangement for a kid’s room. If your kid is interested in science, video games then this will be perfect. All you need is to get some of their personality along with the colors.


Accent Wall

To make an accent wall you need to get a sequin fabric. This fabric is easily available in most art stores and you can decorate it in various types. The sequin fabric can be molded in so many things ways. Add this pattern to your headboard or the wall background. This gives you two shades of the wall which you can design or flip the colors as you like. Suppose you got a white and golden sequin fabric. So you can have a whole white wall or a golden one as you wish. This will be a cool trick and kids will love it.


Neon Signs

Adding neon signs to a room can bring brightness and a little bit of glamour to the room. This is loved by all the children. So you can get some neon signs and place them in a framework. This can be hung up on the headboard wall. There are pretty cute neon signs that come these days like the moon, emoji, rainbow, ice-creams, and many more. So you can get or even create a few of the neon light signs. You can place them in different corners of the room or together in a frame. The design could be made with the help of a photo developer.


Fiber Optic Curtain

Fiber optic curtains are the next best thing to the twinkle light. The twinkling lights can be biasedly said to be loved by girls but these fabric optic curtains can really give a nice feel to a kid’s room as well as an adult. There are plug-in as well as Bluetooth-operated curtains. They are not actually used to place on the curtain rods besides the window. But you can use a curtain rod to hang them somewhere in the room as art. These can be kept to a single color or can have multiple colors depending upon the way you like. Bluetooth ones definitely have an amazing light view.


Play Tools

The neon candies in an apothecary jar can be added to give a nice touch to the room. You can keep squeezing balls in them or add some of the small toys like boys like to collect action figures, so you can place them in these. Besides, there are the marketing tricks items such as small toys that are hidden inside a chips packet or any chocolate pudding stuff. You can place them in these jars instead of them just lying here and there in the room. It will look pretty and it will help you organize as well and your kid will value their collection.


Black-Out Curtain

It’s not that every child doesn’t love sunlight coming in their room but with the neon theme, these work best. To have the room glimmering in the neon adjustment, it sort of becomes important to have the black-out curtains in this room. These can surely be found in various colors they don’t have to be black from the outside. There are two layers in these curtains inside is a solid black fabric and on top of it, you will find various colors. Since we have added so many colors to this room, keeping white curtains will add a neutral vibe to the room.

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