Vintage-inspired furniture for your space

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Every home requires your aesthetic sense and when this happens, you can spot it in every little corner. Everything you do, do it with all your heart and make sure there is a touch of personal sense in everything. These aesthetics can be derived from your personal touch as well as vintage touch. To add the perfect vintage vibe to your space, make sure you pick the right type of furniture for your space. There is a lot of stuff that you can pick and all of them have ultimate flattering. Have a look at our best picks and make your choice.

Pick Old leather Sofas

Whenever you are planning to add a vintage look to your space, it is imperative to add some antique pieces. The thing is that antique pieces are timeless and do not lose their charm in any time period. Adding such pieces to your space will not only add a vintage vibe to your space but also make it a timeless place to live in. You won’t get bored or feel like replacing your furniture. One such category in vintage picks is this leather sofa. This leather sofa is huge in structure and is ultra-spacious. Even if you have limited space, you can use this is as a single piece or in two instead of adding a large couch. Try not to pick this kind of vintage furniture in bright colors because then, it starts to look contemporary. If you truly want to create a vintage vibe, pick it in subtle colors or shades of brown.

A wooden Bookshelf

Bookshelves are supposed to be the most elegant furniture styles ever because they have so much utility and looks to die for. If you are a book lover, this one is total bliss for you. But if you are not one of them, you would still love it and we’ll tell you why. The thing with bookshelves is that they are absolutely timeless and elegant pieces of furniture. These decorative items can be placed in any corner of the room or on the wall. You just need to pick one blank area and the job is half done. You should pick this in a wooden frame in any shape. Go for geometric styles, straight-lined or in a stair look. Place your favorite books along with houseplants or antique pieces from different time periods.

An oversized frame/painting

Even a simple oversized frame with intricate borders will look super classy. If you are revamping your space to give a vintage look, an oversized frame will definitely do the needful. The deal about such frames and paintings is that they can be quite intimidating and force others to look back in time. They have an antique feel to them and you tend to think about the time period they might be related to. So, obviously, this is one of the best vintage items you could pick for your home. Go for hardwood-style frames and paintings that showcase work from some bygone era. it could be anything like renowned work from some artist or scenic of some actual place. Everything works here!

Armoire Cupboard

This one is a classic piece and has been seen as a part of royal palaces since forever. Even today, if you visit some vintage building, you will spot this kind of cupboard because it has a unique appeal and charm to it. This classic piece has an ornated vibe in it which never fails to impress anyone. The designing is also breathtaking with a two-door look in the front and shelves inside. Sometimes drawers are also added to this cupboard to give a vintage look. The best thing about this kind of Armoire cupboard is that it is seen in vintage colors like wood, white and teal turquoise. All of them take us back in time and reminisce about the old days.

Chest of Drawer cum Dresser

A chest of drawer cum dresser is one of the best vintage pieces for your home. You could pick anything you like and it won’t be enough. This chest of a drawer cum dresser is definitely contemporary and old-style. You can place it near the entrance and place your houseplants on it. You can also use it as a center table and for your storage purposes. This amalgamation of a drawer and dresser together is great for your bedroom. Pick it in wood and make the perfect vintage vibe for your space in no time. Make it look like it owns the entire place by placing your photo frames and green plants along with books on top.


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