Use these trendy chalk paint colors innovatively

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Chalk paint is something that has the capability to turn even a thrifted piece of furniture to something that looks simple, stylish, and shabby at the same time. But it is not something that would suit everyone’s taste. Chalk paint ideas do not only limit to shabby chic decor or upcycled furniture, it is much more than that. You can incorporate them into any place you like. It would look fabulous even in your modern bedroom and also your farmhouse kitchen. Just apply them correctly, and you are ready to go. These paints tend to give a textured look instead of the classic gloss or semi glossed look. Make a unique style statement by adding them to your walls, furniture, or kitchen cabinets. They help to make a distinct real atmosphere that will surely be different from that of your neighbor’s. Even if you are afraid of the look it might give, it is a must-try as they might change your mind when executed. Read on to know about some of the fabulous ways in which you can use them.

Boho Sideboard

It is one of the most creative ways to use chalk paint that won’t even take a major part of your space. Use it on furniture with a flat surface and with a row of drawers where you can keep your keys, books, or any other decorative items. Place the particular item in your dining room, living room, or even entryway would be just fine. You can even keep it along a spare wall to create a dramatic effect. The chalk paint helps to make it more playful and adds a lively vibe to the place.

Use it on the wall

Though most of the time, chalk paint goes on the furniture, you can even use them on one of the accent walls of your bedroom to create a stunning look. The matte finish it gives will add to the boldness of the room. Color with standard gloss or semi-gloss finish has definitely become quite boring now. Create any kind of vibe by choosing the appropriate paint color that goes with your mood. Pick anything from bright to playful to moody.

Attractive Staircase

If you have kids in your house, definitely go for this idea. It enlightens your house in the easiest way possible. Your kids will love it if you paint the staircase of your house in different shades. The look it offers will be quite casual and playful, giving a farmhouse-y feeling. Pick shades according to the vibe you want to create. Pastel shades will make it look sunnier, while dark shades will make it modish.

Paint the kitchen cabinets

Give a more relaxed and feel-better look to your space by relacing the gloss finish paint with the chalk ones. Believe us, colorful kitchen cabinets with this particular finish will look fabulous and modish. Your kitchen will feel give a more contagious vibe and an altogether farmhouse vibe. You will love your kitchen for the years to come, and you would thank yourself.

Chalk Paint Dresser

This is probably the most used idea we are mentioning. You would have seen chalk paint dressers in many places. It gives a fresh look with an armoire and a chest of drawers. The dresser looks simple yet stylish with the right hardware and blue paint. It sheds its distressed look in the perfect way.

Paint the Bricks

It is common to find a painted brick wall. But keep in mind it does not always have to be white. Give it a super-modern black color that would look awesome and luxurious. The perfect spot to add it would be around a fireplace. It will also act as a striking focal point for your space.

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