Up your decor game with striking light fixture ideas

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The way your accessories work for your outfit, in a similar way, the lighting also plays an important role in elevating the look of your space and make it look well put together. Lighting is an essential part of every home, and you can’t really go wrong with this one accessorizing piece. Thanks to the endless options available in the market, you can have a whole lot of variants to choose from. No matter what purpose you are using for, what design you want, or what size you are looking for, you can find almost every single piece designed in your specific style and choice. While lighting is mainly seen for its functioning, but besides that part, it also serves as a piece that can help to create a statement with its striking and beautiful appearance. Whether looking to illuminate the space or to add a statement piece to the room, there are all different kinds of options for you to choose from, that can fulfill all your needs and requirements. We have listed some lighting ideas that are not only practical but will also prove to be a great decorative piece.

Cage chandelier

Chandeliers are undoubtedly one of the most elegant and striking lighting pieces to add to any house. They give a very luxe and royal feeling, but that totally varies from design to design. While there are many styles of chandelier available in the market, going a little minimalistic with its designing and appearance is an excellent option for the modern farmhouse-inspired dining room. A cage chandelier perfectly complements the minimalistic decor going in the background; whether it be the furniture pieces or decorations, cage styled chandelier ties the whole room together.

Marquee lighted signs

Marquee lighted signs are those vintage staples that can never fail to charm us with its striking and illuminating appearance. They give the space a very whimsical feel and make that space the hero of the room. Add it in a spot where you want it to be the focal point in a room. It is a perfect way to illuminate the area with its fabulous lighting as well as the fancy appearance. Adding it to an unexpected place will help in giving that space an interesting appearance. So try finding such a spot in your space and experiment a little with lighted marquee signs.

Disco ball pendant light

Who said lights are only meant to look simple and elegant? They have all the right to look a bit extra and a little dramatic as well. And disco ball pendant light is the perfect example of such radiating light pieces. You can add this to any corner of your house. However, it is known to work incredibly amazing with a white backdrop. Add it into your breakfast nook to give that space an interesting and striking element. During day time, the mirrors that are fixed onto it will help in adding some shine and sparkle to the white serene space. Whereas during the night time, it will help in enlightening the space like nobody else.

Gorgeous chandeliers for entryway

Your entryway is the first thing any person encounters, and keeping that in mind, it’s important to spruce up your entryway in a similar manner as you would do with any other corner of the house. While adding some furnishing and decorative pieces such as plants, the table will help in doing the job, but it certainly won’t help in creating a very gorgeous feeling. And that is when a stunning chandelier will work it up for you. Adding a stunning and gorgeous chandelier will help in making your entryway more welcoming and beautiful. Opt for a chandelier that will serve as a structural piece during the day time and enlighten the space with its subtle and gentle glow during the night time.

Globe pendant

Lighting holds a crazy amount of power that can create even the filthiest spot into a trendier and gorgeous one as long as you have opted for the right piece and have done things the right way. A globe pendant is an excellent choice if you are looking to create the ceiling, the focal point in your room. And in order to make this idea work more effectively, pairing it up with beautiful graphic wallpaper will do the trick for you and tie the room together.

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