Trending Paint colors for adding life to your walls

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One of the easiest ways to amplify your space is to swipe a fresh coat of paint on the walls and add life to them. This is not just a regular practice if you plan on adding some vivid and pretty colors to your space. Some trending paint colors have been spotted everywhere that have the potential to add life to all your walls. Make your pick according to your preference and add contrasting colors along. Have a look at our best picks!

Everything White

When we say white, we mean everything white! The classic white color has always been a part of home decor because it is timeless and mainstream. But still, it has not lost its charm in any way. With white as a major color in your home, you are bound to create a gorgeous space for yourself. This is because, with white, you can do almost everything. You can amp the space by adding a dash of pretty colors in furniture, antiques, curtains, lighting, etc. Everything colorful looks great with white and complements the background. This is not just a trending color, it is a timeless color. White on white color is anything but boring. You are going to love the look of your space with this one and will impress your guests just like that! Pick a white sofa set if you like! It is a great option for every home.

Millennial Blush

The term millennial blush has been used for a very subtle tone of pink and why not! Pink is too mainstream but blush is definitely the best possible improvisation of pink. If you look at it, it is a very soothing color that is bound to attract your attention. With this tone, you are never going to regret your decision. Another thing about blush color is that it does not look too much feminine, unlike pink. If you are planning on amplifying your space a bit, then go for this subtle and poise blush color because it has definitely created a phenomenon in the home decor line. There are furniture sets, curtains, decorative items, etc seen in the blush color and everyone is literally loving the trend! With a chic-like vibe everywhere, this one is bound to add vibrancy to your space.

Moody Charcoal

The reason we have called this one moody is that its appeal totally depends on the mood of the person looking at it. Since this one is a dark color, it can affect the mood of every person differently. With such dull colors, there is a lot of arguable speculation. But if you love these tones, you can go for it because they are trending hard and how! Literally creating a rage everywhere, this charcoal color has made its way through every possible thing in the world. Other similar tones like grey, black and peacock are also equally pretty and will continue to make your space look pretty and bold. This color has both a positive and fierce look, so take your pick carefully.

Warm Terracotta

A warm terracotta color is truly dreamy! If you look at it, you will immediately jump on to the shades of brick, pink and orange together. All these successfully make one terracotta color and oh, so beautiful! This shade is definitely worth the effort and will amp your space in literally no time. You can even think of painting the color of your doors with this color and create a chic look for your space. One of the emerging trends in paint colors, this one has gained a lot of recognition because it is warm and subtle. An earthy clay color that it is, it looks good with very light colors like neutrals or extremely dark colors. You can make your pick accordingly and spruce up your space.

Shades of Blue

Every possible blue is included in this range. Ranging from dark to light blue, teal to green-blue, violet to aquamarine; everything blue looks great in your home. There are no speculations or second thoughts about this one because just like black and white, blue is evergreen. Although the area for which you are picking this blue shade varies and so does the color, all in all, it is definitely worth the try. Picking this blue color for your corridors, stair space and even your driveway will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Add this color in light and dark splashy tones on one of the walls in your drawing room and amp the space in a jiffy!

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