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When it comes to furnishing and decorating your bedroom, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For some, it can be the decor and for some, it can be a mattress, which is one of the most important things to consider in your bedroom. Your bedroom is a space in your home where you can sleep comfortably at night after a long day at work. The cozy and comfy room setting makes it easy for anyone to sleep better at night but the thing that impacts your health and overall body posture is the mattress. A good mattress means a good night’s sleep, aligned spine, and alleviated back pain. For one to sleep well at night, it’s of utmost importance to have the right mattress in your bedroom so that you have no trouble sleeping any time of the day. With the number of mattress brands and companies available in the market, shopping for mattresses can get a little overwhelming. Finding an online shopping site that not only offers quality and affordable mattresses but also ships the items quickly is somewhat hard to find but definitely not impossible.

As we did our research, we came across this online shopping website Leesa, which is one of the leading hubs on the market to purchase mattresses and much more.

What Is Leesa?

It is an online store that specializes in the manufacturing and selling of mattresses. In today’s time when the markets are overwhelmed with endless brands and companies with overpromising and under-delivering services, finding the best company that actually sticks to their claim and provides the best of their services and product can feel a little impossible thing to some. And that’s what inspired the people behind the creation of this company, they together created a brand that lived up to their customer’s expectations and provided them a better shopping experience as compared to their counterpart companies.

Leesa is a direct-to-consumer online mattress company that offers high-quality mattresses and several other sleep products so that you can sleep well at your home. Shopping from this brand also means no pushy salespeople and no middle man involved in the delivery of the product.

Products Available

Depending on your need and requirement, you can find the ideal mattress for you from this website. The company offers a good range of mattresses in all different sizes differing in their features. Leesa original mattress, Leesa hybrid mattress, Leesa legend mattress are three types of mattresses you will be able to find on the website. Each one of them differs from one another in terms of weight, size, layering, comfort, and several other things. They also have a mattress buying guide which helps those people who are confused between the options and the guide gives them a better idea about what kind of mattress will be suitable for them according to their needs and requirements. Besides that, you can also purchase other sleeping items for your bed such as bed bases, pillows, mattress topper, sheets sets, etc.

Price Range

Depending on the type and size of the mattress you’re looking for, the price of the mattresses can vary greatly. The brand is relatively much affordable than other companies and it also ensures to provide high-quality products despite their less price. Their Leesa original mattress starts at a minimum price of $699, Leesa hybrid mattress for $999, and Leesa legend mattress for $1669. The prices can be increased or decreased according to the size. You can either make full payment to shop the mattress or you can do monthly payments that are always mentioned along with the product. The company also runs a pretty good sale on most of their items which allow you to purchases things including mattresses at a much lesser price.

100-Night Sleep Trial

There are very few mattress companies that allow free and risk-free mattress trials and Leesa is one of them. It offers a 100-night sleep trial to the customers who are interested to buy a mattress for themselves. Taking a mattress trial gives them a better idea of the mattress’s effectiveness. And it takes some time for both mattresses and people to get used to each other’s company which is why Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial so that you don’t make any decision in haste.

Shipping And Return Policy

Many brands and companies fail to deliver their products on time to the customers but that’s not the case with Leesa. It claims to provide free and quick shipping with zero contact. The company delivers the mattresses and other sleeping products to all 50 states without shipping charges. It delivers the items via FedEx ground.

It also offers quick and easy returns. They encourage you to use their mattress for at least 30 days and in the meantime, you can decide if you wish to return it or not. If you aren’t satisfied with the product of the mattress, then you can simply put a return request and the company will initiate the process. Their pickup crew will come to pick the mattress and the refund will also be transferred to you. Mattresses shouldn’t be damaged and unclean, no rips, stains, burns, or tear should be found on the mattress or else it won’t be considered eligible to be returned. And rest for all the other products, you will have 30 days to return them in clean and under condition.

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