Top Eye Catchy Water Plants To Grow In Home

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Apart from house plants do you want to grow beautiful water plants? If yes, then you’ll be amazed to know that yes you can grow water plants in your home. Today on this blog we have listed the best water plants that you can grow in your home. Water plants are truly delicate for sure, but still, they can enhance the beauty of the home. Most importantly, these plants also offer the best nutrients in the air for refreshing the atmosphere. So, if you want to grab the best details about water plants that you can grow in your home then you can have a look at the details that are listed below.

A variety of gorgeous lush green plants can be grown in a water bowl, bottles, and planters. So, if you are in search of the best peaceful plants that can grow in water then we have a list of the best water plants that can enhance the green lively serene beauty of the space. So, if you’re ready to add more plants in your list then you can keep your eyes on the details that served below.


Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the popular Chinese water plants that you can grow in the water. This is one of the best plants that make your space more peaceful, refreshing, and beautiful. This plant is popular for good energy and success. You can change the water twice in a week and this plant will surely make your space livelier. Also, this plant is popular for success and wealth. It could be a great idea if you can grow this wonderful lucky bamboo in your home for a stress-free refreshing atmosphere.



Philodendron is a beautiful water vine that can make your space greener and fresh. The dark-colored leaves will help to make the space more refreshing and purifies the air quality. Philodendron can indeed make the atmosphere cleaner and stress-free to lead a healthy lifestyle. The best thing this plant can grow in indoor to outdoor space easily. So, if you want the best water plants for home décor then Philodendron can be the best water plant that enhances the serene and sustainable harmonious atmosphere of the entire space.


Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew plant is also called as Zebrina pendula. This water plant is perfect enough that can grow in shady to sunny space and this plant is a wonderful water plant that can make your space beautified. You can keep this beautiful plant in a Mason jar, glass tumbler, and in a water bowl. This plant has beautiful vibrant striped leaves which make it a beautiful plant for home décor. This water plant doesn’t require much care for growth. You can surely keep this plant near the window or desk area to enhance the refreshing beauty of the interior.


Spider Plant

The spider plant is one of the popular houseplants that can help to purify the air. If you want to enhance the attractive beauty and serene atmosphere of the home then spider plant is the best water plant that can enhance the calm and refreshing atmosphere of the entire space. Well, spider plants can indeed help to make the entire space more gorgeous, lush greenery, richly aesthetic, and healthy. You can easily grow this plant in water or wet soil. The best thing this plant has the best nutrients that can help to eliminate toxins from the air.

Therefore, these were the best water plants that you can grow in your space. Thus, we hope that now you can give serene lively décor to home by growing stunning water plants and if you want more details regarding the best water plants then you can surely visit our website.

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