Tips To Lighten Up Every Room

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Lighting is one of the key elements that not only brightens up a room but also makes our home a much more lively place. There is so much we can do with proper lighting. For performing different tasks, reading a book, work at home and house parties-we need it for everything! There are so many variations and designing elements in lighting that you can’t just choose one. It gives a very cozy and comfortable vibe and allows us to be at peace with ourselves. When choosing the perfect lighting for our homes, we must inspect every individual room and choose appropriate light sources. It is different for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. You can’t hand a chandelier in your bathroom just like you can’t have underside cabinet lights in the living room.

Every room has its own charm, so it is important to keep in mind which room you’re decorating and then choose the perfect one.

For the Living Room

The living room is your place with the most foot traffic and that’s why you need to lighten it up in the perfect way to create a first good impression. You should enhance the beautiful wallpapers in the living room with track lights and recessed lighting. It creates a focus on the key areas and also provides general illumination. Lighting up the corners is also a great idea!

  • Use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps to create division a design element. Lamps are available in a variety of designs that reflect their light downwards or upwards. They add an exquisite effect.
  • Use dim switches. They are helpful in adjusting the light to the point required. If you’re reading a book, you might want a neutral light and if you’re in a mood to relax, you can have the dimmest beam possible.

For the Dining Area

The dining area is where we eat our food and that’s why focus and warm lighting are essential. You should look for a wide chandelier to be placed in the center area to draw everybody’s attention. The focus of the chandelier will be in the table itself and look very flattering. A pendant light in the center will also work its charm if you want to have dim lights.

  • Install a mixture of indirect and direct lighting in this area. This is because indirect and subtle lighting sets up the mood and gives very cozy vibes. Whereas direct lighting provides ambient lighting.
  • Look for a nice side lamp that is throwing light on the cabinet of glasses. Wall sconces are also a good idea for a design element.

For the Kitchen Area

The kitchen area calls for overhead lighting that brightens up the entire room. This is because there are a lot of cooking tasks involved in there and you don’t want to hurt yourself with the sharp utensils. Look for bright lights in every corner that lighten up the room but also create a design.

  • Under-the-cabinet lights are a great way to add a flattering vibe to the kitchen area. With so much emission of light in every corner, you need some dim lights to create interest.
  • Down-light mounts are another way of adding a playful vibe to the kitchen. Go for colorful tones when it comes to kitchen. Use floral lamps or bright hues to lighten up the room.

For the Bedroom

Bedroom lights need to be subtle and cozy. We all love to relax on our warm beds so it is important to create that inviting atmosphere first. Never pick any light source that directly points focus on your bed. Use indirect angles and light bulbs away from the bed.

  • The only lighting that you should be next to your bed is the fancy table lamp for night reading. Sconces and table lamps do not point direct lighting so they are the perfect pick.
  • Aim your bright lighting for the dressing area only.
  • If you wish to add recessed lighting or track lights in your room, then install them at a far away angle with dim switches.

For the Bathroom

The bathroom is another corner that requires a good amount of lighting-both direct and indirect. Bathrooms nowadays are planned in such a way that they are as good as a living room. A set of bright lights all around the mirror is a great way to create a flattering vibe.

  • Look for an overhead light that will avoid direct focus and help you do your makeup perfectly. You can also install the two-sided mirror in the bathroom with lighting in the corner. It comes in a double feature of concave and convex.
  • Halogen bulbs and fluorescent bulbs are very popular for bathroom lighting. You can install them on the wall or embed them in the ceiling wall. Recessed lighting is a great pick for bathrooms as well.
  • You might want to place recessed lighting above the shower too. Looks very fancy!

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