The Latest Bear Mattress Review for a sound sleep

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Bear mattresses have been rated to be the top-selling online mattress for a while now. Most of their bedding range is somewhere between $1000. The hybrid mattress is somewhat higher as it is a 5 layer mattress and usually meant to support heavy bodies. So if you are normal or medium weight then this mattress review will let you decide whether you have to go for this mattress or not. Most of their mattresses have been commended for an exceptional experience and they support the body type well. So if you have been searching the market looking for a mattress then read this review and decide for yourself that it is meant to be your sleeping mattress or not.
Let’s talk about the Foams in this mattress.
You must know this bear mattress is just foam and there is no discomfort of foils in it. However, we need to understand the making and quality of material used in this mattress. This mattress has 4 foam layers that are cover with a celliant cover.
Beginning from the top layer, which is the cover.

Celliant Cover

The celliant covers have their specialty. Most of us aren’t aware of this material. However, this cover material has a study prove evidence that it helps in making your sleep better and sound. The manufacture has a full prove report on this cover. They do support their argument by suggesting that there cover material is the best one out there. You can find supportive studies online if you like but let’s just cover the details that the company claims of this cover. According to them, this cover will help an individual to have a sound and peaceful sleep. The material helps in proper blood circulation. It also helps in a proper restful sleep which will help you recover from the tiredness of the day and wake up fresh in the morning. This is a removable cover so you can or cannot use a bedsheet. Just lie down on it and wash it when it is dirty.

Copper Infused Foam

Copper element is added in the mattress to add a certain amount of refreshing, chilly feel to the mattress. If you remove the cover you will be able to see this orange layer on the top. The orange color is the result of copper being infused in it. Apart from its cooling properties, this layer is also responsible to keep the foam bacteria-free. Copper has anti-bacterial properties thus you get a germ free sleep with it.

Gel Memory Foam

As you know memory foam help in generating less friction during sleep. So if you share a bed then you probably would have faced sound sleep issues because of friction caused when you or the other person is rolling on the bed. This layer helps in limiting the friction. Other than that, if somehow you feel quite hot while sleeping, and you sweat then the layer has temperature control quality in it. This layer will help copper to remain cool all night so that you don’t sweat and wake up because of excessive heat.

Transition Foam

This layer is responsible for solemnly to offer you pressure relief support. You might have noticed this with pure cotton mattresses and even a few foam mattresses on how they take the shape of your body over time. If you usually sleep in one posture then you will be facing this issue with the basis mattresses. The bear pro mattress makes sure that you have no such problem during sleep. The transition foam layer is all about balance and pressure relief. Let’s explain it to you with the help of an experiment. Keep a half-filled glass of juice or water on one side of the mattress and lye on the other side. Take the usually turns. You will feel the friction taking place in a limited area. It will not stay put, and will not hug your body. This will go down at first within a few seconds it will bounce back and regain its original shape. That happens because of this foam. Thus your body will not tug in the foam.

High-Density Support Foam

This is the largest and the final layer of the mattress. This layer is going to support the pre-existing layers to maintain their shape and help you have a secure base. There are certain bed bases recommended by the site for long durable life. So you can check which support works best for this bedding.
If we talk about the additional benefits of this mattress, there are many. Starting with the 100 night free trial period and if you like it you get an additional 10 years warranty. These things are usually done by most of the online mattress sellers. However, free shipping is something you don’t find everywhere. Their mattress comes in a sealed carton and once opened will take 2-3 days to regain its actual size.

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