The Buyers Guide To Smart Sleeping: Eight Sleep Review

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Eight Sleep has revolutionized the way humans used to sleep before. The Eight Sleep utilizes patented technology that helps you improve your sleeping. The beautiful blend of technology in the mattress is just phenomenal and makes you fall asleep faster whilst providing you complete healthcare- aiming the good sleep decodes into quality life. Their high-tech sleeping products offer you temperature regulation, sleep-tracking abilities, and other ground-breaking features.

Eight Sleep is an American tech-company established in 2014 that particularly deals in designing and manufacturing tech-driven mattresses, smart sleeping accessories, and sleep-tracking smart beds. Their products are being a real game-changer and enhanced the sleeping habits to a considerable degree. The Eight Sleep offers products that are just apt if you are prone to sweating while sleeping as its temperature regulation feature provides temperature adjustments and so the user can wake up without any sweat, the premium four layers of Certi-Pur certified foam mattress delivers utmost comfort which makes it great for athletes on recovery, and for relieving pressure points.

The key Features

Temperature Regulation-offers adjustment between 55 and 1100 F

sleep and Health Tracking- regulate your sleep time and heart rate
Comfort- the four-layered foam enables you supreme comfort
Meditation tools- offers meditation for superior sleep

These are the key features you can spot in any of the Eight Sleep artifacts.

Why Eight Sleep?

Everything around us is becoming smart and tech-driven than why not our beds. Sleep is really important for our health, our personal and professional life, and in such a hectic life if anything suffers the most is our sleeping patterns and habits. So, if you’re the one who thinks before going to bed whether you’ll fall asleep or not, investing in smart sleeping accessories is an absolute must. And Eight Sleep has carved its niche.

In this review, we will cover all the products manufactured by Eight Sleep in detail, and the key features a customer looks so that you can make an informed decision before making the purchase.

The Eight Sleep Line

The Eight Sleep product line features The Pod, The Pod Pro, Smart Mattress, and Smart Mattress Covers, Carbon Air Pillow, Pod Sheet Set, and Pod Foundation which are just a few bedtime accessories to aid your sleeping patterns better.

Introducing: The Pod and The Pod Pro

The flag-ship product of Eight Sleep The Pod is the smart bed mattress that uses patented technology that helps you to adjust the temperature while sleeping. No more blanket fighting or tugging as the temperature adjustments enable you to set the temperature anywhere between 55 to 1100 F on either side of the bed. The pod is embedded with advanced multiple sensors that monitor whether you’ve slept or not. So, if you sweat a lot or struggle while sleeping this fits you right. The Eight Sleep Pod comes with a starting price of $1,995 for a full-size bed, and queen and king sizes offered at $2,195 and $2,495 respectively.

The Pod Pro

The Pod Pro is an advanced pod that is re-engineered and embedded with new vital features along with some key features of its predecessor to help solve your sleep problems more intelligently. The five layers of foam provide supreme comfort, The Pod Pro also includes sensors to track your biometrics and sleep hours. And above all what makes it by far the best pod is you can operate or control the functions of the Pod using the app available for both Android and ioS users.

The Pod Pro conveys the exact sleep measurements with better regulation of temperature.

The Mattress cover- the Eight Sleep mattress cover is known to be the world’s first cover that can make any bed smart. The smart mattress cover learns your sleeping habits and patterns and uses this knowledge to manage the temperature of the bed. So, you fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed.

Eight Sleep smart bed

Eight Sleep also develops smart beds excluding The Pod technology with less temperature regulation. The smart bed is embedded with smart alarm that wakes you with slight vibrations around the chest so if you’re not a morning person and don’t will to spend much this is a great add-on to your smart home.

Eight Sleep Return Policy

The mattress is solely a personal purchase and it’s difficult to find the ideal one for you within a few seconds and Eight Sleep clearly understands that. Their 100-night free trial policy gives you a fairly enough time so that you can judge the sleep you’ll get on your fresh bed and thus enabling you to make a well-versed choice before making a purchase. And if you aren’t satisfied you can return the product easily with a quick refund.

The Bottom Lin

The Eight Sleep products will create a huge positive difference in the way you used to sleep and through which you can measure your sleeping hours and determine the quality of sleep so in case you wake up at night you’ll get to know how much sleep you got in the night. These records will be a great help in keeping your health on track. Eight Sleep through their innovative creations want to render an improved sleep that can help you achieve a great life quality. So, an investment in Eight Sleep is an investment towards sound sleep and ultimately good health.
We are really impressed with the service and quality of products manufactured by the Eight Sleep and hence we highly recommend this to everyone.

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