Taking care of houseplants in winter

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Winters can be harsh on everyone. This is the time of the year when things dry up and need extra care. Say it be your hair, skin, air, and even the plants around. What about the houseplants that are kept in your house to increase the interior and to make the place look fresh and pleasant. They need proper care, especially in winters. Due to the fluctuation of temperature throughout the day the plants can get dried up or even dehydrated. They can even go in shock if you use cold water to water the plants.

You can take care of your house plant in winter by following the tips given below to you.


Make sure to check the temperature of the room

During winters the temperature drops a lot and makes it harder for the plants to stay healthy and grow. The house plants can survive the cold as the temperature inside the house is a lot warmer than outside the house. Still, you should check what temperature is better for the plants and set the temperature accordingly to benefit the plant and to make it grow healthy and safe.


Get a humidifier

Low humidity can be a problem for the plants and can slow down their growth and can cause other problems to the plants. If you have a humidifier then try to put the plants near the humidifier. If you do not have one then you can get on so that you can increase the humidity level around the plants. This will help them grow without any problem in the chilly weather too. You can also try to increase the level by other means and if you cannot do so then you can always place all the houseplants together as then they can increase the humidity level too.


Check the temperature of the water before watering the plants

It is said to check the temperature of the water before you water them as extremely cold or hot water can harm the plant. Cold or chilled water can shock the roots and can cause serious harm to the plant. Try to water the plants with lukewarm water in winters and if you cannot get some lukewarm water then try using room temperature water as it will be the only better option for the plants in winters. You need to check to not overhydrate or underhydrate the plants.


Get them as much sunlight as possible

Winters means minimal sunlight. Make sure to place your plants where they can get sunlight and where they can grow and get the warmth easily. Relocating your plants where they can even get a few minutes of sunrays is a necessity for them. This will help them grow and be healthy. A few minutes of sunlight might help the plant to grow properly. Try not to put them near a window where they can catch up the cold weather and that can cause them problems.


Provide them with the nutrition they need

Sometimes instead of anything else, the plants need the right amount of nutrients to grow healthy. Try to give your plants some nutrients and products that will help them survive in the chilly weather and for them to stay healthy and grow properly. Fertilizers are mostly not given to houseplants in cold weather but some plants may require some fertilizers, so check the requirements of your plant and provide it with the nourishment that they need. Every plant has its own requirements and you need to be careful with what you provide to your plant. Take proper care of them.

It is extremely important to take care of the houseplants no matter what the weather or season is. They just need a little bit more attention and care in the winter season. There is little to almost no sunlight in winters and you need to check the water before watering the plant to make sure you do not shock the roots with chilled water. You cannot take care of all the plants the same way as different plants need different care and have different requirements. Make sure to know what your plant needs and then take care of it properly.

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