Styling the college dorm

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College is extremely important and with colleges comes the college dorms. The main task is to decorate the room you are going to share with someone for quite some time. While it feels exciting, it can sometimes be a bit difficult as you are away from your home away from your family and friends. You need to make sure that you have the essentials needed when you are styling your dorm. You need to have all the necessities and make the room look stylish and comfortable. On the moving-in day, you should be prepared with everything that you would be needing such as your bedding, study material, other decorative items to make your plain dorm interesting.


You can use some of these ideas and make your simple dorm a fun and exciting room where you can rest and study.

1: Enhance your room with some temporary wallpapers

Usually, the rooms in the dormitory have plain paint that is too dull. To make your room look and feel refreshing and energetic you can get some temporary wallpapers and install them on your side of the room. You can get some amazing designs and styles to style your dorm in. these temporary wallpapers are easily removable and you can remove one with little effort.

2: Create a good study station

It is important to make a good study station in the dorm where you can study properly with full concentration. People do study in libraries and other areas in the college and universities but most of them study more in their dorms than outside. Therefore you should have all the necessary things needed for you to create a beautiful study area. You can get a small bulletin board, a table lamp, somewhere you can put your notebooks, desk organizers to put your stationery in and so much more.

3: Add some indoor plants for freshness

To add some freshness and color to the room you can get some small indoor plants and succulents. They help you feel fresh and happy and help you relieve some stress and tension. You can get some cute succulents and other small plants in the room and make the room look beautiful and refreshing. This will provide you with fresh air and make your room have a good natural scent. Get the ones that are low maintenance so that you can have some good plants and you do not need to worry too much about them.

4: Add some fairy lights or LED lights

Make the room bright and beautiful by adding some lights to the room. You can add some fairy lights that are now available in so many different styles and shapes. You can use these lights and decorate your headboard or another area of your dorm. You can also use some already known and famous LED string lights that you can stick to any corner or in any shape in the room and then can control the lights with a remote.

5: Have a good amount of storage space

One of the most important things that are needed in a dorm is storage. There is not much storage available to you so you need to come up with some storage hacks on your own. These hacks will help you store your stuff in and also help you in keeping the room look neat. A messy room is something no one would like and it will make your feel uncomfortable and you will not be able to study or rest properly. Therefore get some storage boxes where you can put your stuff and keep your room tidy.


These ideas will help you create a beautiful dorm for yourself. Why spend your important time living in a plain simple dorm when you can be creative and decorate it. Usually, one room is shared by two students and thus you can decorate your side of the room and give it your touch. You can take your time and style the room with patience. Add beautiful elements in the room which can make the room look cute and a great place where you can more than happy to spend your time, where you can rest, study, have a good time with your college friends, etc.


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