Style your dinner table in these fabulous ways

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Are you worried about hosting a formal dinner party? Do you think you are going to mess it up? Don’t worry, as every other person thinks in the same way and gets intimated by the thought of hosting a formal dinner party. You might be anxious that you would mess up with the order of forks or put the bread plate in place of the water glass. Stop freaking out. It is not as difficult as you think. Maybe you are doing this for the first time, but all you need to do is follow some basic guidelines, and your guests would be thinking you been doing it for ages. Have a glance at them by reading the space below.

Keep It Simple

The key to almost every big thing you do first time in your life. Keep it simple. No, it is not boring at all; in fact, it looks elegant. Formal dinner parties don’t have to be very sophisticated; you can make them fun if you put little effort. The basic etiquette rules to set the table in style are very easy and straightforward. Just familiarize yourself with the basic manners and tips, and you will surely impress your guests when they come over at your place.

Get the right Tablecloth.

Though it is not mandatory to have a white linen cloth tablecloth for a dinner party, it is the classic pick of all times. Set in the stage for your formal gathering by having an elegant tablecloth preferably white on your dinner table and also pick napkins that would match with it or create a contrast. The benefit of white cloth is that it makes every color of your food look standout and eye-pleasing. You can also go for off-white if you want. Give it a dramatic look by keeping the color of napkins in contrast to it.

Place a Centerpiece

The first thing you should get for your table to make a unique style statement is an elegant centerpiece. Enhance its whole look and make it look classy by using candlestands, fresh-cut flowers, or any other decor element you feel would suit your space. Make sure it doesn’t disrupt the main purpose of your whole thing, that is, to have a nice formal meal. Keep it in a way and of the size that it is distinctly visible, and your guests can see each other when seated on the chairs.

Keep the Dinner Plates first.

The most important element that would constitute the meal and, of course, your table is the dinner plates. They should be set in a precise manner by positioning in the right in the middle of each setting. Space them equally by keeping enough room for the rest of the setting. Make napkin rings or fold them neatly and place them in the middle of the plate. Now your basic setup is ready to keep in place the rest of the items.

Now comes the turn of other Utensils

The next step is to keep all other utensils in order of their usage, starting with the outside and then moving towards the plate. Place knives and spoons on the right and forks on the left with a knife being closest to the plate. Position the knife with the cutting blade towards the plate. Keep the butter knives son the bread plate and other things such as dessert spoons and fork above the plate. Don’t keep the other things that are not essential for the meal on the table to keep things nice and organized.

Last comes the Dessert Setting

After the main part of the meal is done, keep the dessert plate in front of each guest. Don’t pick up the water glass and add coffee cups along with the dessert plate. They should be placed about an inch beyond the top right of your dessert cutlery.

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