Start your 2020 strong with these home organization resolutions

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It’s resolution time as New year is just around the corner. Often people have that January motivation feels and take lots of resolutions for the upcoming year. And as it is a common notion that resolutions are meant to be broken, so does it happen. Whatever it is, be it hitting the gym every day or eating right, all of them tend to dissolve by the month of February. But there is something you can follow to get your house in order, which probably leaves its benefits throughout the year. We have comprehensively mentioned some home organization resolutions to get you started for the upcoming year. Make your home ready for the next year in the ways mentioned below, and your future self will thank you.

Deal with your junk drawer

The first resolution on your list should be comparatively an easy one and would motivate you further to carry on with your home organization resolutions. Start with cleaning your junk drawer. Make it streamlined and dejunked by first taking everything out. And by everything, we mean every damn thing. If you could take out the entire drawer, what could be better than that? Take it out and turn it over on the counter. Clean your drawer by wiping it with a rough cloth. Then think clearly about the items you have frequently used in 2019 and the things that were not useful. Don’t put back the things that didn’t get used. Try to use small organizational bins when you put back your stuff to have them well-organized and decluttered.

Implement a filing system

If you are the one who has to deal with a lot of paperwork, make it a habit to properly organize them so that it won’t trouble you afterward to find any kind of paper at the time of need. Don’t let them be scattered all over your house in different files and folders. Buy a small file box or some hanging file folders and label them. Make different categories and put your bills, receipts under the appropriate one for proper future use. By this method, you can easily find any of your documents at a moment’s notice and eliminate the chaos.

Switch your hanger orientation

It is quite a difficult task to tackle all of the problem areas of your home. So you can find little hacks here and there that won’t need any regular effort. For example, to figure out which clothing you never wear in many months, switch your hanger orientation, and hang them in a way so that necks face the back of the closet. When you will clean your closet after a couple of months, you can easily figure out which clothes are of no use to you as the hangers will still be the wrong way. Isn’t it a smart idea to take note of such things by actually doing nothing?

Clear out your pantry

We are going to give you a way by which you would not only clear out space in your pantry but also save your money. Take out the things from your pantry that you have not used for a long time and decide a week in January when you are not going to buy any groceries. Use those canned goods for the week to fill your bellies; you would be astonished how much space you have cleared for yourself. Then you would be ready to organize your pantry as will have room to place your new glass jars, multi-level racks or some cool baskets. Isn’t it an amazing idea?

Toss expired medications

The simplest task of all but quite useful too. Take out your medicine box and throw away every medication that is no longer useful or has expired. You would be surprised to see there would make a lot of them. Now it would be easier for you to organize them again in a tidy way.

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