Some of the cons of open shelves

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Open shelves in a kitchen are trending a lot nowadays. People are ditching the cabinets and the doors or the cabinets and are installing long shelves without any coverings in the kitchen. While this is a modern look on kitchens and makes the place look cute and stylish, it also has some drawbacks. People miss some points when they decide to style their kitchens with open shelves. These shelves are attractive to the guests and make the kitchen look lovely. These shelves are versatile and can be used in various forms and can be decorated easily, but at the same time are a bit difficult to maintain and organize sometimes.

The list provides you with some of the cons of having an open shelve concept in your kitchen.
1: Accumulation of dirt and grease

With these open shelves, it is easy for the dishes to get dirt and grease from the kitchen. You are going to cook food in the kitchen and the grease from that gets accumulated on the dishes. You need to constantly clean the things placed on these open shelves. On contrary, if you have cabinets and closed shelves you do not need to worry about these problems. In a closed space, the things there are kept clean.
2: Might not look expensive

Although they look modern and chic, some of the shelves might look a bit cheap and not that expensive. The thing that makes the shelves look cheap is the items placed on them. If you clutter the items and keep everything on the shelves that can make the area look bad and uninviting. To avoid this you need to organize things properly and make sure the area is tidy. You need to look for ways to make your shelves not look cheap.
3: Can look cluttered

As there is no covering, the things kept on the shelves are out on display and they can be seen easily. If you do not get time to organize them and clean things up, they start getting piled up and this can cause the shelves to look cluttered. This gives off a bad impression and makes the area look unorganized. One of the cons of these kinds of shelves is that they can make the area look unorganized and cluttered.
4: Custom designs can be expensive

Although creating these types of shelves is easy and cost-effective but if you are renovating your kitchen and want to go with some custom designs and ideas, then it can be a bit difficult to be cost-effective. You can get simple and cute shelves and get them installed in your kitchen instead of going with the custom-made things and spending a large amount of money. There are several ideas that you can use instead of these kinds of shelves to decorate the kitchen and make it look modern and chic.
5: Less functionality and more aesthetic

This design is all about aesthetics and looks and a little about functionality. These shelves cannot store many items on them and you need to be extra careful with them. You cannot just stack the things and close the door of the cabinets to keep the things in the kitchen tidy. The grease from the food prepared in the kitchen accumulates on the dishes and the things kept on the shelves and make it difficult to keep things clean for a long time. You need to clean the things regularly and the dishes more often.

These are some of the drawbacks of having an open-shelf concept where you can showcase your crockery and other things in the kitchen. Everything has pros and cons and these are some of the cons of open shelves. If you are okay with them and work with them, then you should get this stunning and contemporary design in your kitchen. This is a wonderful concept that you can use for your kitchen and create a lovely kitchen decor. They help you in using most of your crockery as it is easy to see and reach. Just clean regularly with open shelves or get closed cabinets in the kitchen to keep the area clean and organized.

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