Some amazing decor ideas for your compact living room

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As evident from the name, living room is surely the place of your house that is the most lively one. You do all kind of activities here, which includes watching movies, playing games, reading books, or maybe just having a good time with your friends and family. And what stands in between having a nice living room and its design is the small space. It is surely more difficult to do than just say it. So if you want it to amp up in the most spectacular way possible, then pay attention to every nook and corner in detail. Use every space efficiently by using some of these amazing ideas given below.

Add double-duty decor

When we talk about double-duty, what does it actually mean? It implies that whatever items you add should act in different ways and for different purposes. Pick it smartly and be practical enough so that it would save your maximum space. Obviously, you can’t have a different coffee table, storage bins, and side table. So what you can do is to have a coffee table that already has built-in storage. It can be used to put the extra throw pillows and blankets in it.

Floating Shelves

If you are a person who loves to have a separate space dedicated to your books and you don’t have enough space for it, so this is the idea you can work on. Have a well-curated bookshelf with the help of some floating shelves instead of having teeny tiny quarters that would make your space look suffocated and cluttered. Showcase your favorite books on floating shelves by making the overall ambiance light and airy.

Fake it with furniture

If you don’t have a separate space to design your living room, but still want to have it, you can do it very smartly with this idea. It generally happens in a small apartment. Carve out a separate area to keep small living room furniture like an area rug or a love seat. It would give the appearance of a living room though you are not having an original one.

Mirrored Marvel

It is a proven fact that mirrors make a small space look airy and more spacious. They create the perfect illusion and make it appear larger. It just reflects the light in the right way while also enhancing the aesthetics of the room. So you must use this idea as it also doesn’t take up much of your space.

Nest Away

Another fabulous idea other than having double duty decor is to have a set of tables that can nest under each other. Whenever you host a party or a formal dinner, you can easily place them in a corner and they won’t make your place look messy. They would look like any other group of furniture. Just slip it comfortably underneath each other so you can enjoy the benefit of having maximum space while you need it. It is one of the sensible as well as the stylish tricks you could ever use.

Spare Seats

The most common problem you can face when you have a tiny living room is seating. Where would you make your guests sit when you have a large gathering? So try to keep furniture items like a love seat, tiny sectional, settee, etc. They are an easy and space-efficient solution. Plush puffs would help you make a unique style statement that would also add to the functionality of the space. Make a party-like environment by scattering them and make your guests feel welcomes. Keep them in a separate space after the party is over.

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